08/09 UD Legends Masterpieces Box Break, Packs 9-12

5 11 2008

Quite a history lesson so far, huh? It’s what these Legends sets are good for. I just hope I’m not overdoing it and boring you baseball fans. There’s more baseball to come shortly. But first, on with the break…

Pack 9
53 Guy Lafleur
44 Scotty Bowman
8 Ron Hextall
83 Phil Esposito

Guy! Guy! Guy!

Guy won a whole slew of awards, including the Stanley Cup five times, and even released a disco album back in 1979 consisting of Lafleur dropping mad hockey hints over a disco beat. I kid you not. This, however, was the first thing I thought of upon seeing Guy:

Pack 10
1 Lord Stanley
7 Patrick Roy
MB-EL Ron Ellis Masterpieces Brushstrokes
32 Phil Esposito

Before pulling this card, I had never heard the name Ron Ellis in my life. He was a decent player for the Maple Leafs during the 60’s and 70’s, and even won the Stanley Cup in 1964. He’s not really the kind of hit you want from a box like this, though.

And that’s the second Lord Stanley card from the box, and the fourth I own. Hopefully not a sign of things to come.

Pack 11
57 Frank Mahovlich
59 Marcel Dionne
74 Guy Lafleur
6 Syl Apps


I’ve already burned through Mahovlich and Lafleur (who looks very Gollumesque on this card), so to spare your eyes from the early 80’s Kings uniforms, I thought I’d show off Syl Apps. Apps actually appeared in the 1936 Olympics in Munich, not as a hockey player but as a pole vaulter. He finished 6th. And like Mahovilch, Apps went on to a political career. But the card recalls the ’42 Cup finals, the first and only time that a team has overcome a 3 game deficit to win the Stanley Cup, a postseason in which Apps led the league in scoring.

Pack 12
80 Mr. Hockey
51 Johnny Bower
36 Turk Broda
11 Mario Lemieux


Three legends from the 50’s and 60’s and an anachronistic Mario. Nice pack, that. And a nice looking Broda, too.

Turk won a Vezina trophy in 1941, a Cup in 1942, then left to serve his country in war. He returned to win four more Cups and another Vezina before hanging it up one game into the 1951-52 season.

Here, though, is one of the things Turk is known for:

[Leafs owner Conn] Smythe ended Broda’s run of more than 200 starts in a row when he ordered Broda out of the goal until he got his weight down to 189 pounds. For days afterward, newspaper articles showed the smiling goalie sitting on a scale eating steak or drinking juice for dinner in an effort to lose the poundage. Broda joined a fitness club and took up handball to stay lean, and his wife, Betty, became famous for being the one person who could help him lose weight and save the city’s team.

Broda also once said, “The Leafs pay me for my work in practices, and I throw in the games for free.” Sometimes I think the game needs more guys like Turk Broda.

The box so far:
Base: 45 out of 87 (51%)
Duplicates: 1
Canvas Clippings Brown Border: 2 – Frank Mahovlich, Joe Mullen
Masterpiece Brushstrokes: 1- Ron Ellis
Masterpieces Matte Blue Border: 1 – Marcel Dionne (49/50)

Still a memorabilia card and a parallel lurking somewhere. Hopefully it’s saving the best for last.



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