2009 Topps preview

5 11 2008

Here you go

More in a moment.



Okay, so looking through them, the base set harkens back to the simpler of the 1990’s designs.  Not sure what it is about card companies getting shots of Pujols in that position, but there you have it.  There’s actually a white border around the card that the blog doesn’t pick up.  I’m a bit nervous that players will once again get lost in the smaller pictures, but the look on the cards shown is very nice.


It appears the the CMG stars get their due with cut sigs, game used, and possibly fake patches, all a part of a “Legendary Linage” insert series.  Also added will be a 2009 WBC redemption card (meh!), a Career Best series (modern autos and jersey patches), more Ring of Honor cards (Yankees, of course), and some Turkey Red to boot.

I’m actually more excited about the look of these than I am 2009 Upper Deck base.

What missing?  Presidents!  And hopefully, gimmicks!

*UPDATED*  I should have known that JayBee would have this first:

These are beautiful!!! Give me a minute, I need to stop hyperventilating!!!

I think that means he likes them.

*updated again*  Since there’s an avalanche of hits for this, I added the borders.  I’m not sure why I didn’t think of how to do it sooner…




5 responses

5 11 2008


red checkerboard looks like albert pujols goes to a picnic.

5 11 2008
night owl

I like these. I think Topps may give UD a run for their money this year. But I’d like to see the backs.

3 12 2008

“Beautiful???” “Hyperventating?…why

again Topps comes out with another half-assed set..no charactor at all
look (and feel) like credit cards ..baseball cards are no longer.
Topps hasnt come out with a great since 1990..
and since they changed the card stocks they become something else..not baseball cards..

bring back 1971,1972,1975,1980,1984,1986,1987 sets

hypervent??..you need to get out more

3 12 2008
Jorge Vino


At least they do not have the facsimile signatures on the front anymore.

4 12 2008

Snake –

That quote was from another blogger, the Topps fan JayBee. I didn’t realize I mislinked it until now, so now it’s fixed.

I’m nowhere near hyperventilation for these, but I do like the design well enough. I’m more of a cautious optimist, I guess, but I’m not sure honestly why I think this set will be much different from 2008.

Thanks for the comment, though

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