The McCain Upper Deck victory card

7 11 2008

No, I haven’t designed it, though I know who I would ask if I wanted something done.  But I was trying to figure out what image Upper Deck would use if everything we knew about polling was wrong and president 44 was actually John McCain.

My only thought was Joe Namath from the NFL in 1969 guaranteeing upset over the Colts. I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of other upsets, but I was focusing on players who stood out in those upset moments and not the moments themselves.

I also tried to come up with a blurb that defined the McCain campaign (akin to Obama’s Change We Can Believe In mentioned on the back of the real card). Sure McCain’s slogan was “Country First,” but near the end it became more of “Be Afraid of the Socialist with Terrorist Ties.”

Anyone have better ideas for the fronts and backs of what would have been the McCain victory card?



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