Challenge extended, challenge accepted: Blasters at noon with dayf. Or 6pm. Whenever.

11 11 2008

Cardboard Junkie‘s on his way to the store to look for a Stadium Club blaster. I hope he enjoys some success there because 1) it gives me the knowledge they are there and 2) I really want to get one, so that knowledge will help me sleep.

I came up empty handed on my search, returning home with an Updates and Highlights blaster instead. I’m not sure exactly why I picked it up, and as I was about to rip it, I saw this post declaring that the Junkie’s next rip would also be a U & H box. The fates tapped me on the shoulder and explained to me their reasons.

I extended a challenge: a battle of U & H blasters, to make things interesting. Last night, a reply on his blog:

dayf said…

If that is your challenge, I accept. All bets are off if I find a Stadium Club box. (assuming they exist)

So am I confident in this totally random and unskilled war that’s about to take place? Heck yeahs! And what will we be playing for but  … the SOUL OF ERNIE LOMBARDI!

Just kidding. I’m not sure what we are playing for yet. But oh so much more to come…




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