The Imaginary 1994 NL West: A blaster battle

11 11 2008

From 1969 to 1993, the Braves and the Reds were both part of the NL West. 1994 brought realignment, new divisional foes to both teams, and a player’s strike to disrupt the whole season.

But what if things hadn’t changed? What if the Reds and the Braves had remained divisional foes? The Braves in 1994 stood at 68-46, six games behind the powerhouse Expos when the strike started. The Reds sat atop the newly created NL central with a 66-48 record. The teams, unmoved, would have been vying for first place in the NL West, probably until the end of the year while leaving the rest of the division in the dust.

But who would have prevailed? Who would be the NL West champ? Computer simulations only go so far to solve this puzzle, but I think the best way to end this horribly convoluted construction is simple:


Who: Me and Cardboard Junkie
When: Tonight
Where: Here and there
What: 2008 Topps Updates and Highlights Blaster Boxes
Why: For the coveted imaginary 1994 NL West pre-realignment, and more!

Rules and first pitch are around 9 ET over at Cardboard Junkie. So grab some peanuts and break out your rally caps!

UPDATED Stakes, raised:

That’s right, root on the Braves and get swag. The two winners (if there are any) get 25 cards from the team or set of their choice and an insert/rookie card from their favorite team or player. Here’s the deal

dayf gets the crowd on his side? Oh yeah, well I’ll see his 25 cards, plus the insert/rookie, and provided I’ll win you’ll get to choose from my winnings of jersey cards, unless one’s Brandon Phillips, in which case you’ll get to choose the other one. So that’s a bonus relic for you! Because even though the Reds may lose, they still want you to have fun.

So guess the number of Reds and the relic I’ll pull, too and if I win, you win. And if I lose, I blame disloyal fans who left the club when it had too many losing seasons and revenue dropped.

My box breaks after his, so get in on the fun now.




4 responses

12 11 2008

Seven Reds
GU – Armando Galarraga

good luck!

12 11 2008
Captain Canuck

5 Reds and Sean Casey

12 11 2008

5 Reds and a Matt Garza relic.

12 11 2008

4 Reds and Jeff Francis

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