Representin’: The 2008 Topps Update and Highlights Blaster

12 11 2008

Here we go. Dayf put up 15 points. That’s one Jay Bruce insert and 2 Reds from victory. Should be pretty easy. 

Pack 1
UH284 Curtis Thigpin
UH51 Fernando Tatis Mets (an enemy of my enemy is a friend, a frenemy!) +1
UH279 Alex Hinshaw Rookie Card
UH1 Kosuke Fukudome Rookie Card (upside down with inverted colors! It’s the MS Paint variation)

UH114 Billy Traber
UH168 Ben Zobrist
UH144 Robinson Tejada
FC41 George and Laura Bush -3
Toppstown card

W lets me down again by never having been a general.

Total -2

Pack 2

UH98 Denny Bautista
UH326 Kevin Mench
UH120 Angel Berroa, Dodgers -2
UH153 Armando Galarraga Rookie Card
UH267 Gregorio Petit Rookie Card
UH 78 Dallas Braden
UH 85 Chad Gaudin
UH24 Tony Armas Jr (Frenemy!) +1
David Wright Topps of the Class (Frenemy insert!)

Armas was on my fantasy keeper team for while, back when he was projected to be great. It’s nice I finally got something out of him somewhere.

Total -3 This is not starting well.

Pack 3

UH140 Dana Eveland
UH170 Greg Smith
UH69 Chad Moeller
UH231 Chris Davis Rookie Card
UH147 Josh Banks Rookie Card

UH219 Damaso Marte
YR166 Jim Thome lashes 500th HR
MMS71 Mickey Mantle Story – The afterlife
Toppstown code

Why Josh Banks? Well, flashback to May 25th, 2008. The Reds were struggling, but a decent 23-27. A win would have put them only three games under .500 and moving up. It was my son’s first baseball game, and I was hoping my team would do him proud. 

Instead, they showed him what it’s like to be a Reds fan lately.  The Reds blew three separate leads in the game, and Josh Banks pitched 6 shutout innings while the Reds screwed up Aaron Harang for the season until a Votto error and an Alex Gonzalez HR could put the good guys out of their misery in the 18th.  My son went home with an orange Padres cap.

I feel I should mention, too, that Corey Patterson went 0-8 in the game.

I knew after that day that the Reds were playing for 2009. That’s why Josh Banks. And what should be -2008 points for me.

Total -3  I’m starting to get a little nervous…

Pack 4

UH182 Sidney Ponson
UH62 Matt Albers
UH27 Reid Brignac
UH249 Chris Volstad Rookie Card
UH303 Tyler Teagarden Rookie Card
UH264 David Ortiz All-Star
UH181 Runelvys Hernandez
UH299 Jolbert Cabrera Gold parallel 0446/2008 (booyah! +3)
Checklist 2 of 3

Gold parallels should be worth more, even if it is only the older brother of Orlando. Jolbert’s played every position but pitcher and catcher. A true utility man, and something the Reds have in abundance.

Total: 0

Pack 5

UH254 Jose Castillo
UH224 Angel Pagan Mets (Frenemy +1!)
UH206 Russell Branyan
UH327 Hernan Iribarren Rookie Card
UH315 Sean Rodriguez Rookie Card
UH258 Arthur Rhodes
UH186 Wes Littleton
WBC12 Carlos Zambrano +3
Toppstown code


The more I see these WBC cards, the more I think I want the set. And everytime I see Russell Branyan on a card, I wonder how he’s still playing.

Total: +4

Pack 6

UH320 Heath Bell
UH80 Erik Bedard
UH272 Guillermo Quiroz
UH213 German Duran Rookie Card
UH273 Chris Perez Rookie Card
UH291 Jonathan Herrera Rookie Card
UH222 Dave Borkowski
UH306 Casey Kotchman, Braves -1
David Wright ad

KOTCHMAN, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I wish i could find a scan ’cause it’s actually a nice looking card. I offer it as a fig leaf of peace to dayf when this is done.

Total +3

Pack 7

UH92 Eric Hinske
UH164 Jason LaRue
UH93 Chris Coste
UH183 Greg Reynolds Rookie Card
UH243 Joe Mather Rookie Card
UH96 Vladimir Nunez (Another BRAVE… NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) -1
UH204 Franquelis Osoria
FC20 – Chester and Ellen Arthur +5


That’s General Arthur to you. Saves me from more Braves damage. And where in the heck are all the Reds?

Total +7

Pack 8

UH302 Brandon Moss
UH188 Ray Durham
UH248 Doug Mientkiewicz
UH123 Matt Joyce Rookie Card
UH39 Jose Molina
UH12 Trot Nixon, Mets! Frenemy +1
UH318 Kyle Farnsworth
UH276 Corey Hart
Checklist 3 of 3

Total +8
If it weren’t for the Mets I’d be way behind without hope. It still doesn’t make up for 1999, though.

Pack 9
Whoops. Something happened to this, and the image and list is gone. I’m away from the cards and had this and pack 10 preloaded. Pack 9 featured a David Con Ring on Honor Card. He looked a lot like David Cone, and scores me +3 points.

Pack 10
UH109 Alberto Callaspo
UH32 Cody Ross
UH57 Ramon Castro, Mets (frenemy!) +1
UH201 Travis Denker Rookie Card
UH15 Kevin Cash
UH126 Morgan Ensberg
UH282 Carlos Marmol All Star
UH312 Ivan Rodriguez
David Wright Filler

Wow. One whole Red. Total +12

The only thing that can save me now is the jersey card, and only if it’s Brandon Phillips. Here goes…

Eric Chavez. Crap. If I were an A’s fan, I would have cleaned up.

Final score: Dayf 15, Me 12

The Braves take the 1994 NL West, and Dayf will be getting his own Chavez jersey, as well as the Kotchman if he needs it.

Sorry Reds fans. Better luck next year. You should all be used to that one by now.




8 responses

12 11 2008
Not dayf

W was the reason I picked General +5 instead of Veteran +5. I knew if he got pulled there would be a flamewar.

12 11 2008
Not dayf

Kotchman image here:

You can keep that one for your set 🙂

12 11 2008

I thought the Reds count would be low, but this is insane.

12 11 2008
Not dayf

I am shivering with antici…

12 11 2008


12 11 2008

If you’re looking for a way to unload the Chavez jersey, I’m sure we can work something out. There aren’t too many of us, but there are a few A’s fans out there!

13 11 2008

Sorry, you’ll have to hit dayf up about it. It’s part of his spoils for victory.

I’m actually more upset about the soul of Ernie Lombardi. I really wanted that one…

21 08 2009

i got that brandon phillips jersey worn card if ya want to purchase

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