Representing your 1994 Reds…

12 11 2008

The 2008 Topps Update and Highlights blaster box:

The rules –

Number of Points per pull:

Our Teams:
Reds player: +3 for Scott, -1 for Dayf
Braves player: +3 for Dayf, -1 for Scott

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend:
Dodgers Player: -2 for Scott, +1 for Dayf (NL West, remember)
Mets player: -2 for Dayf, +1 for Scott (Mets beat us in ’69, the jerks)

Insert Sets:
WBC Preview: +3
Ring of Honor: +3

Political Crap:
First Ladies: -3 (are we sick of poilitics yet?)
If the President was a General: +5 (It is Veteran’s Day)

Bonus players:
Pull that player: +5
Pull an insert of that player: +10
Scott’s bonus player: Jay Bruce:
Dayf’s bonus player: Chipper Jones

Jersey Card Bonus:
Pull the Jersey card from a player from your team: +15.

And the ante was raised at his site for fans:

That’s right, root on the Braves and get swag. The two winners (if there are any) get 25 cards from the team or set of their choice and an insert/rookie card from their favorite team or player. Here’s the deal

dayf gets the crowd on his side? Oh yeah, well I’ll see his 25 cards, plus the insert/rookie, and provided I’ll win you’ll get to choose from my winnings of jersey cards, unless one’s Brandon Phillips, in which case you’ll get to choose the other one. So that’s a bonus relic for you! Because even though the Reds may lose, they still want you to have fun.

So guess the number of Reds and the relic I’ll pull, too and if I win, you win. And if I lose, I blame disloyal fans who left the club when it had too many losing seasons and revenue dropped.

Three votes are already in in the post below. Cast your lot in the comments below. Break comes after dayf’s is done.




10 responses

12 11 2008
cardboard Addiction

6 Reds and Dioner Navarro.

12 11 2008

7 Reds + J.Maine

12 11 2008

4 Reds and Todd Helton

12 11 2008
Captain Canuck

I did make a guess awhile ago… But I don’t see it here. That’s what I hate about moderated comments. You never know whether you should repeat yourself.
If I remember, I said 5 Reds and Sean Casey

12 11 2008

5 Reds and….
Melky Cabrera GU (he makes things soggy, remember?)

12 11 2008

Since 5 was taken… I’ll say 3 Reds this time and stick with Matt Garza from the previous post.

12 11 2008
Captain Canuck

Well, I’m stooopid. I posted on Scotts other post. *duh*

12 11 2008

If I can’t have 5 (Cpt. Canuck got 1st dibs) I’ll take the always popular 2 -two Reds

12 11 2008

8 Reds and David Wright

12 11 2008
Not dayf

1 Red and Armando Gallaraga

(hedging my bets)

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