The missing Pack 9

12 11 2008

Here’s the missing pack 9 from last night’s break and their reason for inclusion in the Updates and Highlights set:

UH116 Odalis Perez – Highlight: Gave up first home run in the history of Nationals Park to Chipper Jones, Feb 19th, 2008 (in honor of dayf, last night’s victor)

UH158 Chad Durbin – Highlight: Beat both J.D. Durbin and Senator Dick Durbin in a three man steel cage match called “Dawn of the Durbins,” June 5th, 2008 (Find the bootleg, it’s teh awesome!)

UH200 Luke Scott – Highlight: Negotiated the release of two Americans held captive in a Turkish prison, April 22nd, 2008

UH189 Micah Hoffpauir – Highlight: Ate 42 sardines in under 3 minutes without a drink of water, July 19th, 2008

UH20 Justin Masterson – Highlight: Red Sox fans will tell you that playing for Boston is enough of a highlight

UH294 Mark Teixeira – Update: July 29th, 2008, it’s revealed that Mark is actually Moises Teixeira de Silva, a famous Brazilian bank robber who escaped a Sao Paulo prison and allegedly masterminded the largest bank heist ever recorded.


YR124 Vlad’s second straight two HR Game, August 3rd, 2007

RH-DC David Con – Highlight: Topps makes it’s first honest error card since 2004.

Toppstown Gold – Pure Gold. I’m not going to mess with the Toppstown, lest I be removed for disrespecting it.

Had we known about the Tex card, I’m sure it would have scored +1,000,000 points and helped me eek out a victory.  Lesson learned.

And let this serve another lesson to us all:  Somethings are lost in a rush to bust a blaster box – some things like history.




2 responses

12 11 2008

Yeah, that Tex card would have put you over the top. I never did trust that guy… too money hungry. I didn’t know Scott boras was getting a cut from bank robberies now.

12 11 2008

Boras makes his living robbing the banks of MLB teams, so he slums in his offseason.

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