Odds and ends

15 11 2008

Two things.  First, since you voted for it, the Topps Updates and Highlights box break has begun and posts are coming.  But recall this moment when we bust four straight hockey hobby boxes.  Maybe I’ll mix a baseball blaster or two in just to shake it up since there are still eight scheduled releases left this year.  Just be warned there is a backlog of hockey building.

Second, the shortfalls of not having a scanner have become apparent with the Updates and Highlights break especially.  It’s hard to find online pics of common cards that aren’t the gold or black bordered parallels anywhere.  Because of this and my love for you, a scanner has officially made the holiday wantlist.  I thought I’d take advice from those of you with scanner as to what I should look for or even a model you might recommend.  I’m not looking to break the bank here, just something that works.   And if it could change my 1989 Score cards into 1979 Topps cards, that’d be cool, too.  Just leave a comment if you would.

And finally, even though I think people aren’t big fans of the hockey breaks, I never stopped to ask, so here’s the latest in polling fun.

This doesn’t mean I’ll skip them altogether, but I’ll certainly try and keep them entertaining as they come.




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