2008 Topps U & H Hobby Box, Packs 3 and 4

16 11 2008

Disclaimer:   Base cards may be depicted as Gold or Black bordered parallels.  I just needed the image.

Pack 3
UH242 Raul Chavez
UH14 Bartolo Colon
UH2 Sean Casey


For all the fans of smiles out there.  I’m sure there’s someone who’s already sent a Casey along.  If not, let me know, as I have two.

UH238 Dan Uggla All Star
UH155 Jay Bruuuuuuuuuce! goes 3 for 3 in his debut


Like Jay Bruce or not, you have to admit that he made an impressive debut.  It’s just too bad that the Reds have become a sort of AAAA farm team and that Bruce probably won’t see the playoffs until he makes free agency.  Because it’s Bruce, Votto, and Phillips, then the other six will kill us.  (Okay, maybe Encarnacion, too, but he throws off the rhyme scheme completely).  But you love your team through thick (think 1970’s) and thin (uh, this whole century?), right?

UH42 Chip Ambres
UH197 Michael Young All Star
UH107 Jason Varitek All Star

This one still boggles my mind a bit.

UH68 Jonathan Papelbon All Star
UH51 Fernando Tatis Gold Foil
Goin’ down to Toppstown

Pack 4
UH302 Brandon Moss
UH188 Ray Durham
UH248 Doug Mientkiewicz


Run, Dougie, run!  He’s probably attempting to chase down another vowel.  Nice looking card.

UH313 Tim Lincecum All Star
UH226 Brian McCann All Star


I like the action shot here, but it could be anyone in a McCann jersey. Wouldn’t it be funny if all the catchers got together and pretended to be each other for their Topps cards? Quite the April Fools prank, I’d say.

UH268 Alfonso Soriano All Star


Another poor image choice. How about a smile, Alfonso? It is the All Star game after all.

UH305 Ben Francisco
UH287 Chase Headley
UH195 Chris Carter Gold Foil – He shares a name with the X-Files writer, who originally signed a deal with Disney. Frank Thomas shares his name with a Disney animator. (I can’t… stop… playing!)

UH78 Dallas Braden Gold Parallel 1415/2008
Golden ticket to Toppstown

A golden pack there at the end.

The box so far:

Base: 35 out of 330 – 10%
Gold Border parallel: 1 -UH78 Dallas Braden 1415/2008
Gold Foil Parallel: 2
Mets Ring of Honor: 1 – MRH-GC Gary Carter
Year in Review: 1 – YR161 Marlon Byrd
Toppstown: 2, including one gold



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