2009 Upper Deck First Edition Preview, with discussion question

19 11 2008

There’s really not much to preview here.  36 packs in a box, 10 cards a pack featuring a Starquest insert in each.  That means you should get a full 300 card set from each box. 

This isn’t exactly a complaint, per se, but I’ll ask it for discussion:  Is it good that kids get a full set without trading, or do the kids miss out on some of the fun on the hobby by not having to engage it trades to complete their set?  On a side note, does anyone know a kid who puts this set together?

The presale runs around $40.  First Edition is scheduled for a March 4th release.




4 responses

19 11 2008

I didn’t even know there was hobby boxes of this junk. I’ve got a blaster and some packs here and there, but unless UD put some (God forbid) jerseys or something I don’t understand why a hobby version of this product exists. I just wish they’d make the set bigger. Bring back Topps Total!

19 11 2008

Upper Deck First Edition does not need jerseys or any other silly insert. The only value it has comes from the cheap pack price.

I’d happily drop it from Upper Deck’s schedule to get the 40-Man roster set back… though I’d ditch Spectrum first.

19 11 2008

Given the economic conditions, getting a full set (or very close to it) is huge added value for a box. The last thing I want is to buy two or more hobby boxes and STILL not come close to the set, much like Heritage.

Jerseys and such are nice, but adding stupid short prints, bad collation, and an unnecessary, gigantic checklist are dealbreakers for me. Trading’s fun, but not when I need to spend an additional $20-40 or so in postage, packaging, and time. I like to trade for leisure, not out of necessity.

19 11 2008
Captain Canuck

Sure, having a full set out of a box is a definaite added value. But the question was “Do the kids miss out on the fun of trading by getting a full set out of a box?”
My answer is a question;
“What/How the hell are kids buying complete boxes???”

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