2009 Upper Deck Spectrum baseball preview

19 11 2008

Wow. There’s still six or seven more releases from 2008 and we already have information on the third release of 2009.

Upper Deck announces that Spectrum features “some of the most unique pop culture Icons (not sure why they capitalize that one, but okay) such as Tori Spelling and Kim Kardashian.” I personally can think of nothing that would turn me away from a release more than an autograph of Kim Kardashian. It could be a set where packs of actual angels fly out singing while answering all questions about the meaning of life, and if there’s even a chance that I could pull Kim’s auto, I’d pass. I’d still probably get the angels off eBay, though.

Each box gets two signatures (one is a pop culture person, so I assume the other is the Spectrum Rookie Sig), one memorabilia card, seven of the 20th anniversary cards, 5 serial numbered parallels (6 parallel sets, oh boy!), and a patch, autographed memorabilia, or printing plate in every third box.

The box comes with 14 packs, 5 cards a pack. That’s 70 cards. Take out the inserts, and you get 56 card from the 130 card set, which features 100 base and 30 Rookie Signatures (it’s a fairly uninspiring list if you ask me).

Each case (for you gluttons for punishments) will have 3 “hot boxes” featuring 3 memorabilia card and 3 autographs, plus a 20th Anniversary memorabilia card and an autoed buyback.

The box actually looks somewhat cool, a mock up of a TV with screens on every side, and presales are out there for around $85.  Specturm is scheduled for a February 18th release.



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