Helping out a brother

20 11 2008

Ah family. There’s nothing you can trade for it, but there are cards you can trade with them. So that’s what I did, sending my brother some of the Campaign Matchup cards from this year’s Topps in return for some 2005/06 Upper Deck hockey Young Guns. 

I was actually quite surprised (and pleasantly at that). I thought I’d be getting some of the 2008 Topps Trading Card History inserts instead, but this is much better since they fill in a base set and hockey cards are a bit more difficult to trade for.  Plus chasing all these Young Guns cards down can be quite the pain.

Here’s what I got for you hockey fans:

206 Zach Parise


Zach was a first round draft pick for the Devils back in 2003. Zach’s a good young player currently with 20 points in his first 17 games. One thing I like about hockey is the creative nicknames lines get. Zach plays on a line with Travis Zajac and the older Jamie Langenbruner. The name for their line? ZZ Pop. Awesome.

213 Peter Budaj


Budaj is currently the starting goalie for the Avs, sporting a 6-8 record with a 2.84 goals against average and a .903 save percentage.  Not awful, but not stellar either. 

223 Niklas Nordgren


Niklas is no longer in the NHL, playing in a Swiss team instead. 

224 Jay McClement


Jay’s a third line center for the Blues.  Not much going on there.

226 Alexander Perezhogin


Perezhogin was a supposed to be a rising young star for the Canadians before signing a lucrative contract to join the Russin Super League.

So for every Parise, there’s at least three or four guys like McClement and Nordgren in the set, and often more.  It’s one of the frustrating things about these sets, but with the Upper Deck monopoly, you’re only real choice is which set with shortprints you want to collect or collecting nothing at all.

Oh, and for those interested in helping my brother out, his baseball wantlists are here.  He’s also looking for hockey and a few football cards, too.




3 responses

20 11 2008

Nice Parise. 😉 I think you’ve seen my hockey blog…lol

20 11 2008

I have, and am adding the link now. And as a Rangers fan, I guess we should be enemies or something.

I guess that post on the 1994 Stanley Cup playoffs was a tough one for you, huh?

20 11 2008

Wow, I’m surprised you thought enough of it to add it to your blogroll, thanks. (I’d have a hard time doing that for a Rangers or Flyers blog). I suppose we’re enemies, but I’ll still keep visiting the blog. It’s good to see I’m not the only one who cares about hockey. And yeah, that post was a bunch of visual ipecac to me lol.

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