2008 Topps Updates and Highlights Hobby box break Packs 11 and 12

21 11 2008

Disclaimer: Base cards may be depicted as Gold or Black bordered parallels. I just needed the image.

Pack 11

UH259 Aaron Boone
UH236 Chris Snelling


Snelling appears to be power walking to first base

UH86 David Aardsma


Hey, that’s the same fence from the Casey card.  They must have a pen where they hold traded Red Sox until they are ready to be released into the AL East.

Oh, and guess who is first in an alphabetical list of major leaguers?  That guy right there.  I checked.

UH202 Josh Hamilton Home Run Derby
UH118 Justin Morneau and David Ortiz Classic Combos
UH89 Joakim Soria All Star
UH59 Cliff Lee All Star


My fantasy team wants to know:  Where did the 2008 Cliff Lee come from, and will he please come back for 2009?

UH263 Eric Patterson
UH139 Jon Lieber gold foil
WBC12 Carlos Zambrano World Baseball Classic
Toppstown, again

Pack 12

UH277 John Rheinecker
UH31 Marco Scutaro
UH30 Brendan Harris
UH 63 Eric Brunlett
UH45 Eric Hurley
UH297 Cory Wade

UH126 Morgan Ensberg
UH282 Carlos Marmol
UH312 Ivan Rodriguez
UH86 David Aardsma gold foil
Someone in Toppstown loves you

Pack 12 takes the early lead in most boring pack ever, with the exception of John Rheinecker, who appears about to kill a bear with a baseball. Too bad I couldn’t find an image, though.

The box so far:

Base: 101 out of 330 – 30%
All Star Stitches AS-JES Joe Saunders
Black Border parallel: 1 – UH300 CC Sabathia 26/57, damaged
Gold Border parallel: 1 -UH78 Dallas Braden 1415/2008
Gold Foil Parallel:8
Mets Ring of Honor: 1 – MRH-GC Gary Carter
Mickey Mantle Story MMS68
Word Baseball Classic Preview: 3 – WBC12 Carlos Zambrano, WBC16 Paul Bell, WBC21 Carlos Lee
Year in Review: 2 – YR161 Marlon Byrd, YR169 Matt Holiday
Toppstown: 8, including one gold




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