Mail day! Five more from Allen and Ginter

21 11 2008

I always enjoy trade requests that start off “I found your blog from a link…” because it means that not only did someone think enough of lil ole me to link here, but also because it means I’m going to be able to turn cards I don’t need into cards that I do.

So, thanks to a link from Fielder’s Choice, P.A. contacted me about a trade, and just so those of you who have contacted me about trades know how slow things go sometimes, the initial message was from mid October. After some fantasy football commiseration, my promise not to use this trade to avoid tax code penalties, and a two week communication lapse that slowed things down even more, we got together and worked out a deal.  And once we got to it, things were done in a matter of hours.  I sent him some Allen and Ginter and Upper Deck Masterpieces cards, and he shipped off to me five Allen and Ginter cards I needed.

1 Alex Rodriguez

I hate needing the first card of a set because it feels much like a bookshelf without bookends, like the whole set is just going to fall over in a heap on the floor and there’s no way to stop it.  To me, it’s almost as bad as being down to a single card needed to complete a set and being unable to track it down.  Now imagine I need card the first card as the last card to finish my set.  I shudder at the thought of it.  

Thankfully, P.A. has made sure that won’t happen here.

36 Michael Young
74 Khalil Greene


Kahlil had an awful 2008, putting an end to it by breaking his hand on a storage chest at Petco after a strikeout. Apparently the storage chest made some negative comments about Greene’s hip hop lyrics and called him a “wanksta.” And yes, Kahlil really writes hip hop lyrics.

202 Jeff King

Jeff has won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race four times and invented a sit down seat for his dog sled so comfortable he actually fell asleep while racing and fell out of it into the snow.  He’s since added a seat belt.

When I read of Jeff, though, I thought “Isn’t there some other Alaskan racer that’s been in the news lately? Maybe he’ll be in next year’s set.” Then I remembered it was Todd Palin, four time winner of the Iron Dog snowmobile races.

Don’t even think about it, Topps.

256 Garret Anderson

Five steps closer, and another few trades in the works.  The irony of the first set I finish through blog trading being one I never really intended to collect in the first place isn’t lost on me, either.  Just 57 cards left.




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