2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Hobby box break Packs 15 & 16

23 11 2008

Disclaimer: Base cards may be depicted as Gold or Black bordered parallels. I just needed the image.

Pack 15

UH295 Aaron Miles
UH301 Tony Pena
UH115 Mike Lamb
UH267 Gregorio Petit


UH69 Chad Moeller
UH231 Chris Davis
UH97 Sean Gallagher
UH66 Robinson Cancel
UH234 Carl Pavano
RH-DJ David Justice Ring of Honor


If I hadn’t already promised this away, I know a Junkie who’d be pretty happy in a few days. Come to think of it, that guy seems pretty happy anyway. But this is part of the bounty for the huge haul of Allen and Ginter cards I got a week or so ago.

In fact, I’ve promised the next box’s Ring of Honor cards away, too. I know these cards are well liked by many, but I just don’t get the appeal. Maybe if they honored the 1990 Reds, or the ’75 or ’76 team then I’d be interested. But for now I’m happy to share the joy with others.

Pack 16

UH116 Odalis Perez
UH158 Chad Durbin
UH286 Aaron Cook All Star
UH137 Evan Longoria Highlight (Evan hit a walkoff)


I know the reason they did it (to get more Longoria cards in the set), but did we really need a highlight of Longoria’s walk off home run?  Was there something that special about it? What about Zimmerman’s walk off homer to christen the new Nationals stadium? Wouldn’t that have been a highlight to use?

UH316 Ben Sheets All Star
UH5 Chipper Jones All Star
UH25 Lance Berkman All Star
WBC14 Carlos Beltran World Baseball Classic


Did I mention how much I like both this set and the horizontal cards?

MRH-DJ Mets Ring of Honor Davey Johnson


To no one: “My God — a pigeon. That’s the last bird on my list.”
To the cameraman: “You’ll tell me when you’re going to take the picture, right?”

Bonus points for the reference.

The box so far:

Base: 135 out of 330 – 40%
All Star Stitches AS-JES Joe Saunders
Black Border parallel: 1 – UH300 CC Sabathia 26/57, damaged
Gold Border parallel: 2 – UH31 Marco Scutaro 0015/2008, UH78 Dallas Braden 1415/2008
Gold Foil Parallel:9
First Couples: 1 – FC40 Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton
Mets Ring of Honor: 2 – MRH-DJ Davey Johnson, MRH-GC Gary Carter
Mickey Mantle Story MMS68
Word Baseball Classic Preview: 4 – WBC12 Carlos Zambrano, WBC14 Carlos Beltran, WBC16 Paul Bell, WBC21 Carlos Lee
Year in Review: 2 – YR161 Marlon Byrd, YR169 Matt Holiday
Toppstown: 9, including one gold




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