2009 Topps Heritage returns

23 11 2008

It’s a generic presell, but it’s out there already:

Utilizing the classic 1960 Topps card design, 2009 Topps Heritage Baseball offers a retro style look at today’s veterans, Rookies, Prospects and team cards, printed on a card stock with a vintage look and feel, highlighted with multiple levels of numbered Chrome Parallels and insert cards, as well as Game Used Relics and Autographs (1 per box combined). 8 cards per pack, 24 packs per box.

It’s scheduled for a Feb 25th release.

Here’s some of the original 60 Topps cards:


I’ve always loved that Yaz card.  It’s one of the keys to the original set, along with Mantle (both base and the all star card) and Clemente. The ’60 Topps set featured team coaching cards and each series had a different colored back, so we’ll have to see if these ideas get incorporated into next year’s Heritage. I know they had a Lou/Lew Burdette uncorrected error in the original, but I don’t recall any other major variations in the set, so anything Topps includes is all gimmick.

I’ll be honest, 60’s Topps is not one of my favorite looks, so I’m interested to see if these get an “updated” look a la the 75 mini OPCs in this year’s Upper Deck or will stay more true to the original design. I think that will ultimately decide for me about chasing this set.




2 responses

23 11 2008

I like the 1960 design, but all the short prints in Heritage kill any enthusiasm I might have for collecting it.

23 11 2008
night owl

I’m sure they’ll stay true to the original design. Which doesn’t bode well for 2010 Heritage, because I think the 1961 Topps set design is one of the dullest in history.

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