Dye-d Red

26 11 2008

Rumor is the Chicago White Sox have approached the Reds and the teams are now talking about a Homer Bailey+ for Jermaine Dye deal.

It all depends on the extra player the Reds would throw in, but I wouldn’t be opposed to this deal. Bailey may turn into a flameout, and rumor is he’s unwilling to listen to coaches about making changes. If that’s the case, there’s not much of a positive future for him anywhere. If he lives up to the hype, then it’s a bad trade. But there’s no way to know the future unless you’re looking back on it.

Dye is 35 years old. That’s his biggest drawback. He hit .292 last year with 35HRs, which is something that Homer Bailey will never do (he’s no Micah Owings, after all). Those numbers would come close to replacing
Dunn’s production last year. And since the Reds mantra every year becomes “If a few things fall into place this year, we’ll contend,” Dye would be a pretty big piece. If he falls behind the couch instead of in place, the Reds would then trade him at the deadline to a contender. No real harm.

I’ve also been reading the Rafael Furcal rumors and see the Reds referenced as a possible dark horse. I think that’d be a bold move by the Reds, but I imagine their horse is so dark on this one that it’s sucking in matter and light that comes anywhere near it.  It would also give the Reds a glut of IF and no place to play Chris Valaika.

For those curious, here’s the Reds 2009 lineup as it stands today:
C- Hanigan / Wilkin
1B Votto
2B Phillips
3B Encarnacion
SS Alex Gonzalez/ Janish / Keppinger
OF Bruce

The last two OF spots right now are between Dickerson, Freel and Hopper. I’d much rather see Dye out there than two of these guys.




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