2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Hobby box break Packs 21 & 22

27 11 2008

Disclaimer: Base cards may be depicted as Gold or Black bordered parallels. I just needed the image.

Pack 21

UH206 Russel Branyan
UH320 Heath Bell
UH80 Erik Bedard
UH185 Joey Votto Highlight (Joey hit 3 HRs in a game)


If Geovanny Soto hadn’t a) played for the Cubs and b) wasn’t a catcher, I think that guy there is Rookie of the Year.  I’m not sure how two of the writers who vote on the award could ignore Votto’s numbers (which were better than Soto’s) and not vote for him at all, but I’m guessing that they are two of the three guys who voted Volquez, who was not a rookie at all.  What a silly system to allow that one.

UH214 Carlos Zambrano All Star
UH22 Brian Moehler
UH23 Cristian Guzman All Star
UH210 Joe Saunders


Saunders was another “where did he come from?” type guys last year who my fantasy team hopes returns in 2009. What I will remember Saunders for, though, is pitching in his old Virginia Tech hat shortly after the campus shootings in 2007 against the Mariners. The Angels (and Joe) won the game 8-4. Saunders was (and still is, I believe) the only Hokie in the majors.

UH281 Chris Aguila
UH79 Willie Harris gold foil

Pack 22
UH134 Joey Devine
UH33 Carlos Marmol
UH173 Randy Johnson Highlight (Johnson moves into 2nd on all time K list)
UH285 Kosuke Fukudome
UH16 Paul Janish


Ah, there’s that high school track that was on the Jay Bruce promo pictures for this release. Were he a bigger stud, then Janish would probably have a highlight card, too, as his first major league hit was an extra inning game winner for the Reds. I like to imagine Soft J here is hitting rocks at runners warming up on the track.

UH319 Ruben Gotay
UH324 Ken Griffey Jr.


Good memories, no matter how injury prone he was as a Red. Too bad it didn’t work out with the White Sox, though. It would have been nice to see Junior in the World Series, even if he is on the decline. Someone’s gotta sign him for ’09, right?

UH167 Justin Morneau Home Run Derby Gold Parallel 409/2008
YR158 Alex Rodriguez Year in Review (Most HR by 3B)


Things I would have guessed: Mike Schmidt held the old record for most HRs by a 3B. Things I would not have guessed: Adrian Beltre co-held the record with Schmidt.

The box so far:

Base: 188 out of 330 – 57%
All Star Stitches AS-JES Joe Saunders
Black Border parallel: 1 – UH300 CC Sabathia 26/57, damaged
Gold Border parallel: 3 – UH31 Marco Scutaro 0015/2008, UH78 Dallas Braden 1415/2008, UH167 Justin Morneau Home Run Derby 409/2008
Gold Foil Parallel:11
First Couples: 2 – FC16 Eliza and Andrew Johnson, FC40 Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton
Mets Ring of Honor: 2 – MRH-DJ Davey Johnson, MRH-GC Gary Carter
Mickey Mantle Story MMS68
Word Baseball Classic Preview: 4 – WBC12 Carlos Zambrano, WBC14 Carlos Beltran, WBC16 Paul Bell, WBC21 Carlos Lee
Year in Review: 4 – YR145, Tom Shearn, YR158 Alex Rodriguez, YR161 Marlon Byrd, YR169 Matt Holiday
Toppstown: 11, including one gold




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