Mail day! Two packages to be thankful for.

29 11 2008

Anytime I see someone needs ’87 Topps cards, I drop what I’m doing and dig out my boxes. It was the first Topps set I ever finished by hand, and I have a ton of cards that do nothing for me but sit in the closet. Any chance to move them out is a happy occasion.

So when I saw Cliff at Capewood’s Collections‘ wantlist had ’87 Topps, I dug ’em out and mailed ’em off. He sent me some ’90 Topps cards and a few from a set I’m surprised I don’t get more offers on, ’94 Fleer. I absolutely love the ’94 Fleer cards with their simple design and good looking photography.

Since Santa still has yet to come, I have no scanner and am unable to track down images of the cards sent. But that doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy them any less. Thanks, Cliff.

The second package actually came before Thanksgiving, but time kept me from mentioning it. Reader Hank noticed my need for three 1991 Leaf cards to complete my set, and he sent an email offering off up all three. 1991 Leaf was a set I put together because I had them. I bought a box cheap somewhere for $5 because I wanted to open something. The rest of the cards I needed just came to me, much in the way these did. And now, hopefully a new set of mine will end up with that same odd draw (I’m pulling for ’59 Topps).


There’s Lloyd Moseby showing off improper catching techniques. Remember kids, use both hands. What you don’t see here is the ball falling out of Moseby’s glove shortly after this photo was taken. I remember Lloyd being a better player than the stats on the back of here would suggest he was. I guess I’m thinking of ’83 and ’84 Lloyd and not the Lloyd in the years that followed.

Anyway, thanks for the help, guys. It’s always nice to knock cards off the list, and even better to knock out a whole set.




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