Trading Day: Trading with Bobby

1 12 2008

If there’s one thing that’ll make me want to get a trade done quickly, it’s hockey cards.  So when reader Bobby emailed me about a potential hockey trade, I bumped him to the front of the line.  After a little reworking, we agreed on a deal that had me sending him a few 06/07 Upper Deck Young Guns and various Angels cards from this year and last in return for a bounty of hockey singles from the past four years and a trio of baseball cards.

First, the hockey stuff. Bobby sent me two more of the Young Guns short prints I needed for my 05/06 set. One was Jeff Hoggan, the other of Alexander Ovechkin.


Okay, so it’s not Ovechkin’s solo card, but the checklist he shares with Jeff Carter.  The regular Ovechkin is one of the biggies for the set, and I probably won’t be landing that one for a while. Still, the checklist is nice. If only they’d lit him better so he didn’t get that shadow on his face.

For those unfamiliar with Ovechkin, dude’s amazing.

Bobby also finished off my Series 2 base set from that year, leaving five short prints away from completion. The design on these is, of course, the same as the baseball release from that year. Well, I say of course, but I didn’t figure it out until last year when I started dabling in baseball cards once again. I don’t want to bore you with a gallery of cards, so I’ll pick a couple here and there for you to see.

First, in a nod to Upper Deck’s usual stunning photography, here’s Zigmund Palffy in midshot.


Not just mid shot, but right before the point of release. Check out the bend on that stick. Quite the moment to capture on a card.

Palffy abruptly retired from hockey following the 05/06 season and may have turned in even better numbers were it not for a nagging shoulder injury that slowed him down later in his career.  Still, 329 career goals and 713 career points is nothing to be ashamed of. He now is playing for a hometown team in Solvakia, I believe.

Also in the package were nine 06/07 Upper Deck hockey cards, including the pivoting P.J. Axelsson and the new Ranger Nikolai Zherdev playing for his old Colombus team…


…plus a handful of 07/08 Upper Deck hockey, including Steve Bernier delivering quite the hit on an unknown Blue.


Finally, baseball fans, these are for you: It’s a trio of cards from the Topps Trading Card History set.  As I said, Bobby had a few other cards for me, but I couldn’t find enough cards for him. So I asked for the Trading Card History’s instead of the base cards he had, even though it goes against my usual mantra of base set first. That’s how much I like these cards.

Here’s Dice-K on a T-206 designed card…


…Adam Dunn showing off the 1958 Topps design…


…and Raul Ibanez on an unnamed 1954 Baseball card.


The set that Topps cannot speak the name of is the 1954 Red Heart mail in set. I was sure that dayf had featured this one before, but I couldn’t find it on his site.

Here’s a guy who’s putting together the set and posting the cards he acquires (he’s even got the Mantle). I’d love to see Topps and Upper Deck put a little extra time in when they do cards like this and attempt to recreate that hand colored look rather than just slapping modren pictures in an old design. It would really take a card like Ibanez’s to a whole new level.

So thanks for the cards, Bobby. I hope you enjoy the cards I sent your way as much I like these.