Trading Day: Trading with Justin

3 12 2008

Justin contacted me after seeing my blog at White Sox Cards. He looked over my wantlist (which you can do, too!) and found a few Allen and Ginter cards for me, but I was hip deep in trade offers for the stuff that had come in before. Once the dust settled on those trades, we quickly worked out our deal. Justin’s son got some SP Authentic cards he needed and Justin got some random Orioles and Rays as well as some Allen and Ginter cards he needed. I knocked another eleven cards off my wants thanks to him.

Here’s a few of them:

38 Andruw Jones


I’d like to think Andrew’s watching his career get away from him here.

126 Chris Young


Chris looks like a little menacing with that bat in his hand. I guess that’s okay for the only rookie to hit 30 HRs and steal 25 bases. If he can get his batting average up, he’ll be an even greater force in Arizona for years to come.

143 J.J. Hardy


For fans of smiles.

345 Francisco Liriano


Liriano’s 6’2″ according to the back of the card and it looks like this was done in a 5’10” room.

So those of you waiting




4 responses

4 12 2008

I’m glad that I could play a small role in getting a few knocked off your wantlist.


4 12 2008

I think that’s two that you’ve sent over to me. I should institute some sort of rewards program for blogs that end up sending people my way…

4 12 2008

Off the top of my head, I think that dayf, Mario and I probably send people on the most tangents. My Feedjit feed usually shows one entry to my blog and the same user leaving about twenty times to different blogs.

I can live with being a gateway to other blogs.

4 12 2008

It is a very noble profession you employ, sir.

Blogger bloggers seem easiest to gateway from because they show when posts are updated. I wish WordPress would pick up that feature soon.

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