A quick discussion question or two…

4 12 2008

Do you ever think that Topps designs the base set around the parallels and the Chrome release rather than as a stand alone product?

Having said that, can you imagine the 2009 Gold borders are going to be anything short of ugly?



I try and be responsive to my readers, so here you go, Stephen:





5 responses

4 12 2008
Jeffrey Wolfe

I don’t like this design at all, gold or white. I think last year’s was way better. Plus I wish Topps and Upper Deck would quit using foil stamping.

4 12 2008

Wow – I hadn’t thought of that – maybe the charcoal ones will be nice?

4 12 2008

I just hope they use a different Pujols pic.

As for parallels – without foil, gold is kind of a lame parallel in any sport. Flat gold looks dull – gold is supposed to be shiny.

4 12 2008
night owl

I like the base design. That gold with that design, however, does look awful. But I’ve thought it looks awful with a couple of other recent designs, too.

5 12 2008

Agreed on all accounts. Using foil on names is just not a good idea in my book. I find the 2008 Topps easier to read than some, though, since the foil is stamped against white.

I wasn’t impressed with the 2009 Topps design at first but am warming up to it a bit. The “home plate” logo is kind of neat, but I don’t like the thin gradient player names with serif style font. That really looks like clip art to me!

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