2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Hobby box break Packs 31 & 32

5 12 2008

Disclaimer: Base cards may be depicted as Gold or Black bordered parallels. I just needed the image.

Pack 31

UH73 Jonathan Albaladejo
UH145 Kip Wells
UH171 Brian Bixler
UH3 Freddie Bynum
UH165 Burke Badenhop
UH198 Andy LaRoche
UH174 D.J. Carrasco
UH329 Jeremy Sowers


Sowers’ picture displays what I like to call “third arm syndrome,” where the movement of the jersey on delivery makes a vestigial arm appear tucked inside.  And for some reason, the coloring in the picture makes this feel like a card from the ’60s.

UH165 Burke Badenhop Gold Parallel 0682/2008
MMS72 Mickey Mantle touches home

Pack 32

UH163 Miguel Cairo
UH205 Octavio Dotel
UH121 Jacques Jones
UH123 Matt Joyce


Matt showed some promise as a part timer in Detroit, and my fantasy team is hoping he can turn into an every day major leaguer this year.

UH39 Jose Molina
UH189 Micah Hoffpauir
UH181 Runelvys Hernandez
UH258 Arthur Rhodes


This is so far the only guy I’ve really seen a rumor about as far as the Reds go. I’m not thrilled, but if they sign him and David Weathers, I’d like the bullpen combo of “Dusty” Rhodes and “Stormy” Weathers on principle alone.

UH186 Wes Littleton
UH1 Kosuke Fukudome
Golden Toppstown

The box so far:

Base: 273 out of 330 – 82%
All Star Stitches: AS-JES Joe Saunders
Topps Silk Collection: 1 – Mark Derosa 21/50
Black Border parallel: 1 – UH300 CC Sabathia 26/57, damaged
Gold Border parallel: 7 – UH31 Marco Scutaro 0015/2008, UH78 Dallas Braden 1415/2008, UH132 Jorge De la Rosa 1353/2008, UH159 Mike Aviles 1795/2008, UH165 Burke Badenhop 0682/2008, UH167 Justin Morneau Home Run Derby 409/2008, UH223 Jeff Ridgway 0265/2008
Gold Foil Parallel:16
First Couples: 4 – FC16 Eliza and Andrew Johnson, FC17 Ulysses and Julia Grant, FC18 Rutherford B. And Lucy Hayes, FC40 Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton
Ring of Honor: 2 RH-DJ David Justice, RH-BS Bruce Sutter
Mets Ring of Honor: 2 – MRH-DJ Davey Johnson, MRH-GC Gary Carter
Mickey Mantle Story MMS68, MMS72
Word Baseball Classic Preview: 4 – WBC12 Carlos Zambrano, WBC14 Carlos Beltran, WBC16 Paul Bell, WBC21 Carlos Lee
Year in Review: 5 – YR131 – Mike Mussina, YR145, Tom Shearn, YR158 Alex Rodriguez, YR161 Marlon Byrd, YR169 Matt Holiday
Toppstown: 15, including two gold


2009 Topps Cereal Box?

5 12 2008

While googling away on the web, I found a number of presells for this:


Is it a collection of tiny oat shaped baseball cards with Mantle and Jeter marshmallows?

Nope. It’s cards. Each box contains 52 base cards and a Turkey Red insert, a Legend of the Game, and one exclusive Platinum Refractor card. And it comes with the album and ten 9 pocket pages.

It’ll sell for around $25 a pop. Since I’m not a binder kinda guy, I’m not sure how great of a deal this is. I’d like to see those platinum refractors though.