2009 Topps Cereal Box?

5 12 2008

While googling away on the web, I found a number of presells for this:


Is it a collection of tiny oat shaped baseball cards with Mantle and Jeter marshmallows?

Nope. It’s cards. Each box contains 52 base cards and a Turkey Red insert, a Legend of the Game, and one exclusive Platinum Refractor card. And it comes with the album and ten 9 pocket pages.

It’ll sell for around $25 a pop. Since I’m not a binder kinda guy, I’m not sure how great of a deal this is. I’d like to see those platinum refractors though.




7 responses

5 12 2008

Oh YEAH! I am a binder type of guy and I’ll be buying about 20 of these. You got a link to a presell?

5 12 2008
William Noetling

Oooh nifty. I wouldn’t mind one of those – ESPECIALLY as a gift – Christmas is coming and relatives never know what to get me.

5 12 2008

Good find! That box is…why, it’s kind of neat. Promising. Hope inducing, even.

5 12 2008

I wish I could find just the binders for sale somewhere, but still all that for $25 isn’t half bad at all.

5 12 2008

dayf –

Here’s the google shopping page for them: http://www.google.com/products?q=2009+Topps+cereal+box&oe=utf-8&sa=N&start=0

Apparently, there are three flavors: Mantle, Ruth, and Williams.


5 12 2008

That’s kind of neat, I’m all for new ideas.

5 12 2008

Thanks for the link. Those make a great addition to my Christmas wish list.

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