2008 Topps Updates & Highlights Hobby box break Packs 33 & 34

6 12 2008

It’s going to be a busy weekend, with a birthday celebration (not for me), a father son day, and xmas shopping before I return to work on Monday.  What a better way to unwind then the penultimate duo of U & H cards?

Disclaimer: Base cards may be depicted as Gold or Black bordered parallels. I just needed the image.

Pack 33

UH272 Guillermo Quiroz
UH92 Eric Hinske
UH164 Jason LaRue
UH208 Kerry Wood All Star
UH119 Ken Griffey Jr highlight (#600)


UH88 Dan Haren and Russ Martin Classic Combos
UH113 Justin Morneau All Star
UH29 Ryan Ludwick All Star
UH71 Mariano Rivera All Star
FC38 Ronald and Nancy Reagan First Couples
David Wright says…


I really wanted to make a Haren and Martin “Laugh In” joke, but I wasn’t sure how many people would get it. Plus, it’s a Griffey in one of his final great moments with the Reds, so that was too good to pass up.

Pack 34

UH152 Steve Trachsel
UH330 Johan Santana
UH110 Jose Valverde
UH75 Matt Treanor
UH195 Chris Carter
UH51 Fernando Tatis


Another quesionable picture choice, unless you’ve always wondered what Tatis looks like from the back.

UH156 Juan Ricon
UH251 Mark Redman
UH288 Evan Longoria All Star
FC39 George and Barbara Bush First Couples
Top, Top, Topps of the Class


Barbara Bush and Abigail Adams are the only two people to be both the wife and the mother of a US President.

I’m pleased with these packs simply because they were chock full of cards I needed. My goal of needing less than 25 cards when I’m finished with this is fully within reach.

The box so far:

Base: 291 out of 330 – 88%
All Star Stitches: AS-JES Joe Saunders
Topps Silk Collection: 1 – Mark Derosa 21/50
Black Border parallel: 1 – UH300 CC Sabathia 26/57, damaged
Gold Border parallel: 7 – UH31 Marco Scutaro 0015/2008, UH78 Dallas Braden 1415/2008, UH132 Jorge De la Rosa 1353/2008, UH159 Mike Aviles 1795/2008, UH165 Burke Badenhop 0682/2008, UH167 Justin Morneau Home Run Derby 409/2008, UH223 Jeff Ridgway 0265/2008
Gold Foil Parallel:16
First Couples: 6 – FC16 Eliza and Andrew Johnson, FC17 Ulysses and Julia Grant, FC18 Rutherford B. And Lucy Hayes, FC38 Ronald and Nancy Reagan, FC39 George and Babs Bush, FC40 Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton
Ring of Honor: 2 RH-DJ David Justice, RH-BS Bruce Sutter
Mets Ring of Honor: 2 – MRH-DJ Davey Johnson, MRH-GC Gary Carter
Mickey Mantle Story MMS68, MMS72
Word Baseball Classic Preview: 4 – WBC12 Carlos Zambrano, WBC14 Carlos Beltran, WBC16 Paul Bell, WBC21 Carlos Lee
Year in Review: 5 – YR131 – Mike Mussina, YR145, Tom Shearn, YR158 Alex Rodriguez, YR161 Marlon Byrd, YR169 Matt Holiday
Toppstown: 15, including two gold




One response

7 12 2008
David Jacobs

“Another quesionable picture choice, unless you’ve always wondered what Tatis looks like from the back.”

There are some real clunkers in that. Tatis comes to mind, as well as the Manny card.

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