Presenting your newest Cincinnati Red

10 12 2008

He’s a pretty good catcher…


… about three years ago. For his services, the Reds give up Ryan Freel (oft injured, but fun to watch), Justin Turner (AA 2B who hits for average only) and Brandon Waring (Class A 3B with good power potential). The Reds also get around $1 million to pay Hernandez’ salary.

For Orioles fans, it’s addition by subtraction. For Reds fans, there’s a passive indifference tinged with optimism and a bit of wonder as to how this is going to work. Does this make Hernandez the main man behind the plate for ’09? Does Hanigan still get his shot, or is he backing up a guy who could still hit 20 out of Great American?

I’ve been down on ’09 since the loss of Adam Dunn.  And the realist in me says that’s where to start.  But with a new season and new players, the optimist in me is getting a little excited once more.

*UPDATED*  It appears that Reds get $3 million in return.  That’s a little better.  Deals like this depend on how the prospects work out, because Freel is no great shakes all by himself.




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2 06 2009
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