Trading Day: Falling behind

11 12 2008

I’ve gotten three packages already that I haven’t blogged about and there’s more on the way.  And not only have I fallen behind in posts, but I’m now slowly falling behind in mailing cards out.  So rather than spend a lot of time detailing trades that maybe two people are really interested in (me and the trading partner), I’m going to group the last three here so I can do some more pulling and packing instead.

First, thank’s to Don.  Don was actually the only one to respond to my post about the heaps of late 80’s Score cards that I had (still available if you’ve got some wants!) and my willingness to trade them.  I was happy to send Don around 25 1989 Score cards for his set, and he responded with a few of my 1981 Fleer needs.

Jim from GCRL sent over a sizable package that put a good dent in my 1984 Fleer wants.  Before the package, I’d check America’s favorite auction site for ’84 Fleer lots.  Now, I’ve only got 16 cards left for the set.  On top of that,  he sent cards that I needed from a number of other ’80’s sets, including ’83 Topps, ’86 Fleer, and ’88 Score.  Now I have the unenviable task of trying to match his generosity with a package of my own.  Until then, kudos, to you sir. 

Last but certainly not least, Daniel at Saints of the Cheap Seats sent me a box so big the mailwoman has to drop it off at the front door because it wouldn’t fit in the mailbox.  Daniel had hinted he found a few of the cards I needed from my 1970’s wantlists in an email, but I certainly wasn’t expecting that most of a 660 card box would be filled with them.  More than 2/3rds of the box held ’72 and ’73 Topps cards, and he hit a few of my more recent needs as well. 

I’ve honestly been so busy lately I haven’t had time to look through the ’70’s cards, but it’s the first big group of cards from that era I’ve received since I started this blog, so I’m not worried that I’ll get swamped with the stuff anytime soon.  But I will be getting to them as soon as things calm down.

In fact, with the amount of cards he sent, it’s almost a slight to give Daniel a small blip in a post rather than one all to himself.  But I’m also thinking Daniel would rather get a package in return rather than words of praise here. 

So thanks to all three of you guys for your help.  Jim and Daniel, you’ve got cards coming as soon as I get them pulled.  I’ll just need to get some sleep first.



2 responses

11 12 2008

Make it three people interested. I love reading about who got what cards in trades.

11 12 2008

My pleasure. I hope that they are of good enough quality to go into your set. I love to see that the cards and the thought are appreciated almost more than I enjoy getting cards back in the mail. (Notice I said “almost!”)

Glad you like them.

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