Topps Opening Day, Upper Deck X (?) return in ’09

12 12 2008

First off, the obvious.  Topps Opening Day is back for ’09, and looks exactly like ’08 Opening Day from reading presells:

Featuring 220 cards – including veterans and rising stars from Topps Baseball – Opening Day Baseball will be highlighted with parallel cards (#’d to 2009), multiple levels of inserts including Puzzle cards, Flapper cards (individual cards that transform into multiple cards!), Hobby Exclusive 1/1 Printing Plates, and Opening Day Autographs (1 per case), PLUS Bazooka Bubble Gum in every pack! 6 cards per pack. 36 packs per box.

No images available, but just start fiddling with a 2009 Topps preview card and MS Paint.  Presells  show a March 11th release date.

Even more surprising, after a card-blog wide panning for 2008 Upper Deck X, there’s a few presells out there for a 2009 version:

Appealing to collectors looking for multiple levels of inserts and parallels, each box of Upper Deck X Baseball is highlighted with one (1) UD X Signature and two (2) UD X Jersey cards – and every pack will deliver excitement for collectors with one (1) ‘Xponential’ embossed rainbow foil card and 1 Die-Cut Parallel card! 8 cards per pack. 20 packs per box.

No images available, but I’m sure Mario will have them soon enough.

I’m surprised to read that there are actually collectors who are looking for multiple levels of parallels and inserts, and not just being forced to put up with them.  I stayed faaaaaar away from this stuff this year, but it doesn’t look like the specs are all that different between 2008 and 2009. Anyone else surprised this one’s coming back? Line up outside stores Feb 25th if your interested.

Now, it’s entirely possible that these are simply generic blurbs and that the actual contents of these releases will be different. But for now, you can start saving your holiday checks from Grandma Ethel for these, if interested




3 responses

12 12 2008

I’d much rather have Bazooka back than Opening Day.

I don’t really care about X one way or the other.

12 12 2008

I’d rather a toddler kick me in the genitals than buy a box of this

12 12 2008

My thoughts exactly. I can’t think of any collector who was into UDX. I personally hated those cards. Further proof that UD hasn’t the slightest idea what its customers actually want.

And I agree — bring back Bazooka if Topps has to have a budget set. Or better yet, just bring down the prices on retail 2009 Topps. I loved that in past years, Topps resurrected T205/6, Turkey Red, Cracker Jack, and Allen & Ginter. It’s high time to bring another set out of hiding!

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