Discussion question

12 12 2008

Today, it’s a true or false question.  Feel free to back up your answer, though:

100 years from now, today’s cards will have shown little if any appreciation in value.  There will be no surprise rookies to boost a set value and no shortage of cards, either.  There will be no mass rush to own any of the recent sets produced, either.

In fact, as more 1 of 1’s and jersey cards hit the market, the price of today’s cards may actually drop.  This drop will also be caused by prospectors who artificially inflate the value of today’s rookies as it is.




2 responses

12 12 2008

Are we still going to be collecting baseball cards 100 years from now? I don’t really see too many younger kids that are all that interested in them. I think they’ll all fall in value as the marketplace for them shrinks.

12 12 2008

I’d say that’s true, although I really hesitate because 100 years is a long time. Most of the reason that the old tobacco cards and 1950’s topps cards are so valuable is that they were limited in number to start and people didn’t save them. Small supply and big demand = big value. Everyone saves cards today and they’re made in far greater quantity than ever before. So unless there is some rare cardboard eating bacteria that comes along and destroys everyone’s collections, todays cards will never approach the values of what we call “vintage”.

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