2 Random Packs: 2008 Topps Heritage

13 12 2008

I need something to clear the palate, so here’s a couple random retail packs of this year’s Topps Heritage.

I bought these on a whim a few weeks ago, and as I was pulling them out of their box at my local big box store, a girl came up to me (I suck at age guessing, but she’s at least a teenager) and asked, “Don’t you think they’ve been picked through?”

“Yeah, probably.”  I replied.   “I’m not looking for anything special, though.”

“At least they can’t feel out the autographs.”

“That’s true.”

“Good luck,” she offered as I walked away.


I found the whole exchange a little depressing at the time, demonstrating this girl’s disillusionment with her fellow man and her faith in fair play. At least she was willing to try and save me from the perilous pack searchers, so there’s still hope.

Did her luck help? Here we go…

Pack 1

51 Chad Cordero
273 Josh Barfield
256 Rich Aurilia
277 Mark Teahen
320 Casey Kotchman
90 Hideki Matsui
434 Scott Kazmir
David Wright Filler
335 Brandon Phillips Black back


Anyone remember the guy the Reds gave up for Brandon without looking?  Me either.  It was Jeff Stevens, who’s still pitching in the minors.  Quite a deal for the Tribe.

Pack 2

239 Zack Greinke
63 Eric Chavez
140 Bronson Sardinha
419 The Atlanta Braves team hiding behind a fence
412 Jason Bartlett
224 David Wright
HTCP5 Alex Rodriguez T205 mini


437 Johnny Peralta

You go out and try something new like Upper Deck Timeline, and it doesn’t work, so you run back to the safety of Topps.  The black back’s a nice hit for a Reds fan, and Rodriguez’ dopey stare gave me a chuckle.  I believe Madonna’s off card left shaving a cow or something.

Anyhow, nothing wrong with these packs.  I like the cards, though they don’t really feel like ’59 Topps for some reason.  Maybe it’s because they aren’t well handled like the real ’59 Topps that I have.   I can see me chasing a set of these if the price is right.




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