Upper Deck to have sports based online game

16 12 2008

Upper Deck has now added a checklist to their website for what they call the “2008 MLB MLB MMOG Digital Set.”

I get that MLB is major league baseball.  MMOG stands for massively multiplayer online game. Digital seems pretty self explanitory.   Put it all together, and it seems that Upper Deck’s developing an online MMOG.

There’s more proof out there.  A google search turns up this, a now inactive job opening at Upper Deck seeking someone who “(w)ill assist in the strategy, planning and execution of social media efforts for a new sports card MMOG as well as other sports and entertainment online efforts.”  There are other references contained in the job posting as well. 

I have no other clue here, folks.  I’d say this is Upper Deck’s answer to Toppstown, but it appears to be something much more involved and complex then codes and games.  Anyone out there have any more info?


Thoughts on Upper Deck Documentary

16 12 2008

For a brief moment in time, I was actually thinking of chasing this set.  I still might, but I’m worried about a 5000 card set and quality control issues with Upper Deck. 

Anyway, Upper Deck has the images for Documentary on their website now (the first 300 cards, anyway).  Here’s a perhaps nitpicky thing that will bother me, though.  Looking at card #73, which is the Reds 3rd game of the season, the recap on the front of the card reads “Reds fire-baller has debut nothing short of amazing.”  (Whoops.  I forgot to mention they were talking about Johnny Cueto)  The picture on the card?  Ken Griffey Jr.  Did Griffey play a role in the victory?  No clue.  There’s no mention of him on the card. 

Griffey is mentioned on card #74, the Reds 4th game.  It talks of him getting “untracked” while driving in two runs (the grammarian in me hates that phrase).  The picture on the front?   Brandon Phillips.

Say what you want about the release itself ( and Upper Deck must think there’s a market for this thing or they wouldn’t release it), but it’s little things like matching the player with the player blurb that would make a set that much better.  And if Jeff Keppinger really was the hero of game 7 for the Reds, then put him on the card. 

Anything’s better than Corey Patterson.

More 2008 Topps Updates and Highlights: The Mega Value Pack!

16 12 2008

When I was at the big box store the other day for some more padded envelopes, and that ill-fated Timeline blaster, I grabbed one of the 80 card “Mega Value Packs!” that dayf had blogged about before.  They were hanging under the peg marked $4.99, so I grabbed one thinking it was quite the deal.

When I went through the checkout, though, it rang for twice that price.  I told the cashier about the discrepancy and the price was the reason I had wanted it in the first place.  He simply smiled and credited me some money back.  “For your trouble,” he said.

I won’t bore you with all 80 cards, but I managed 7 cards I needed, and one of these:


Smiling Jay Bruce. T205 design. Beautiful.  I had actually forgotten that these T205’s were in there at all, so this was a very nice surprise.

If I’d known about these sooner (both the value packs and the T205 cards), I’d have gone this route to try and put together a set (of both). I’m to close to the actual set now to do this, though, because the last thing I need is 1500 Updates and Highlights duplicates lying everywhere, no matter what the price.