More 2008 Topps Updates and Highlights: The Mega Value Pack!

16 12 2008

When I was at the big box store the other day for some more padded envelopes, and that ill-fated Timeline blaster, I grabbed one of the 80 card “Mega Value Packs!” that dayf had blogged about before.  They were hanging under the peg marked $4.99, so I grabbed one thinking it was quite the deal.

When I went through the checkout, though, it rang for twice that price.  I told the cashier about the discrepancy and the price was the reason I had wanted it in the first place.  He simply smiled and credited me some money back.  “For your trouble,” he said.

I won’t bore you with all 80 cards, but I managed 7 cards I needed, and one of these:


Smiling Jay Bruce. T205 design. Beautiful.  I had actually forgotten that these T205’s were in there at all, so this was a very nice surprise.

If I’d known about these sooner (both the value packs and the T205 cards), I’d have gone this route to try and put together a set (of both). I’m to close to the actual set now to do this, though, because the last thing I need is 1500 Updates and Highlights duplicates lying everywhere, no matter what the price.




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