Upper Deck to have sports based online game

16 12 2008

Upper Deck has now added a checklist to their website for what they call the “2008 MLB MLB MMOG Digital Set.”

I get that MLB is major league baseball.  MMOG stands for massively multiplayer online game. Digital seems pretty self explanitory.   Put it all together, and it seems that Upper Deck’s developing an online MMOG.

There’s more proof out there.  A google search turns up this, a now inactive job opening at Upper Deck seeking someone who “(w)ill assist in the strategy, planning and execution of social media efforts for a new sports card MMOG as well as other sports and entertainment online efforts.”  There are other references contained in the job posting as well. 

I have no other clue here, folks.  I’d say this is Upper Deck’s answer to Toppstown, but it appears to be something much more involved and complex then codes and games.  Anyone out there have any more info?




3 responses

10 03 2009

Would this be it?

Looks like they’ve moved past a closed beta. I’d imagine that they’d go live reasonably soon, maybe near Opening Day?

10 03 2009

Here’s where you can find the download Client.

The game site is MLB Dugout Heroes: http://www.mlbdugoutheroes.com/

I’m not sure if this is what Upper Deck had in mind for that checklist, but this is my best guess so far.

10 03 2009

Todd –

I guess that could be it, but I didn’t see anywhere where any baseball cards were used, and there’s no Upper Deck logo featured anywhere. We’ll have to see what happens with it, but I get the feeling it’s something else.

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