2009 SPx and Piece of History previews

18 12 2008

Mario posted the images from the Beckett Blog, but I’m not anywhere I can post my own copies of them.  Odds are you’ve already seen the images by now anyway and have come to your own conclusions.  Here’s mine. 

First, 2009 Piece of History, which looks like 2008 Piece of History (or Artifacts, whatever) in a different color.  The only reason you’d want this thing is if you are interested in imageless swatches of modern hollywood memorabilia, including left over swatches from “A Few Good Men” that were in last year’s release.

The Piece of History base set remains 100 cards, with 50 historical moments and 50 rookies as well, which are no doubt short printed and driving down my interest in this set further. 

Each 16 pack box gets you a Hollywood memorabilia card, a rookie auto, and a combination of two cards from the Franchise History, Stadium Scene, Box Score Memories, and Timeless Memories memorabilia cards. 

In other words, it’s the same thing as last year in a different shade.

2009 SPx appears to look like 2008 Upper Deck X, a puzzling move in light of all the excitement that X generates.  Boxes in 2009 will have 8 more packs than this year’s version without an increase in set size and will once again have seven rookie redemption cards.

 The 2009 release, however,  will see a marked decline in memorabilia and auto cards.  A box of 2008’s SPX, on average, had a total of 10 memorabilia or autographs.  2009 will include only 4 memorabilia cards and one autograph card.

Also included in the release is a Joe Dimaggio highlight insert set, lending further credence to the idea that Upper Deck signed  contract rights to Joe which forced the removal of Dimaggio cards from Topps Stadium Club earlier this year. 

With the exception of the Flashback Fabric cards in SPx (a dual swatch of one player on two different teams he’s played for), there’s nothing particularly exciting to be seen in either one of these releases.

SPx will hit stores in March, while Artifacts will arrive (no doubt with a thud) in April.




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