Trading Day: Mass confusion

21 12 2008

I’m not sure what’s happening here anymore.  Since the End of Year Clearance thing, I’ve been receiving a package or two a day and been trying to keep up with these posts.  I sorted through some cards late last night so I’d be ready to knock a few of these posts out this morning.  When I went to post, though, I couldn’t tell what I’d done or which cards came from who.  I’m so confused.

I know that Jeff Wolfe, Card Junkie set me some Topps cards.  I know Stephen at The Easy Life knocked out a number of my Upper Deck and Topps needs and sent a special gift I’ll post up later.  Plus Brian at Waxaholic sent some Canadian Allen and Ginter cards I needed, and Ben at 88 Score helped me with some older sets, too.

I feel like I’m missing someone else here,but if I am, I can’t figure out who.  I apologize if it’s you.

Here’s some of the cards I got:

UH16 Paul Janish


I’m not sure how this ended up on my list because I know I pulled one, but it’s not there.  Maybe I sent it to someone else, or maybe it just got sorted in the wrong stack.  Either way, Janish always has a home with me as I can always use a defensive replacement in the infield.

2008 Upper Deck 182 Greg Maddux


Not only a nice looking card, but stats from 22 years on the back.  Maddux is the type of pitcher my generation will tell their kids about when they are older.  Or, as another commenter elsewhere put it, “Most pitchers are lucky to have a 4.22 ERA, but for Maddux it meant it was time to leave.”

2008 Upper Deck 176 Ramon Hernandez


The new Reds catcher for 2009.  Since the trade, Walt Jocketty has hinted heavily that he’s the starter, and the younger and projectably equal Ryan Hanigan will get to watch.  We’ll see how well that goes.  I’m not saying Hanigan is any great shakes, but you would like to see the guy actually fail first before he’s relegated to back up status.

2008 Allen and Ginter 336 Allen Fisher


Allen Fisher, champion hand shaker.  In this card, he’s about to do the “log saw” as they call it in the biz.

Seriously,  a 25 time champion arm wrestler and still going as he nears fifty.  He’s like the Maddux of arm wrestling, and I never would have known without this card.

Thanks to all you guys for the help with the sets, and I hope you’re enjoying what I’ve sent you.  I’m pretty close to the end of some of these sets if I’ve figured correctly, and I couldn’t have done it without you.


The end of

21 12 2008

I was looking around on the web the other day for the Fleer website, and in case anyone’s curious, is no more.  It’s  now just a pointer to the Upper Deck website.

While the Fleer name has been owned by Upper Deck for a while now, as recently as three months ago there was a separate website for Fleer named products that Upper Deck released.  Sure it was little more than a carbon copy of the parent company, it still gave you a sense that Fleer was it’s own separate entity in the Upper Deck line.  Now, they are both huddled together under one roof.

Is this a sign of things to come for the Fleer name?  Well, this year so far there’s been a hockey release (Fleer Ultra) and a basketball release (Fleer Hot Prospects) that have already hit the shelves, and there’s another basketball release scheduled for January, so it will at least survive that long.  I don’t know much about the hoops, but I do know that Ultra is one of the more popular hockey releases, so I can’t imagine it going anywhere.  Whether it returns to baseball, though, is another story.

Realistically, though, there hasn’t been a true Fleer set since 2005 when Upper Deck bought the name.  Maybe us bloggers could pool our money and see if it’s for sale.

In praise of

21 12 2008

I’ve been meaning to post and sing the praises of for a while, but haven’t had the time until now.  One of the best things is that radio feeds of all games are still free, and now they’ve been couple with live stats and scoreboard (think of a MLB radio/gamecenter like hybrid).   I’m sure hardcore fans already knew this, but you casual fans should give it a go the next time you’re looking for some sport related noise in the background.  I only wish MLB would do the same.

One of the other things I use often is the free game highlights that are available shortly after the end of the game.  So when you can’t watch hockey because you’re picking up your son then playing with the family then making dinner then playing more then putting the young one through tubs and to bed, you can still see how your favorite team did in a matter of minutes.

Sure it’s hard to tell if, say, Dan Boyle is really doing as well this year as he appeared to do in the highlights of tonights Ranger’s game, but I do know that Douglas Murray can lay a hit on someone after watching him drop Wade Redden in the third period.  Ouch (try about the 3:20 mark).

For those of you a bit more extreme and excited about the Winter Classic at Wrigley this year (the big outdoor game they play on New Year’s Day, you can watch a live stream as they build the ice over the next few days.  I’m not sure I’ll be checking that one out, but if you’re interested in how they make the ice for an event like this, it’s there.

Little things like this always impress me and remind me how much the NHL seems to reach out to it’s fans (especially since the labor disputes), even as the sport gets overlooked.  With the economic downturn, I can see some hard times ahead for the sport since it doesn’t have the national draw that the NFL or baseball has.  Hopefully it can make it through relatively unscathed.