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21 12 2008

I was looking around on the web the other day for the Fleer website, and in case anyone’s curious, is no more.  It’s  now just a pointer to the Upper Deck website.

While the Fleer name has been owned by Upper Deck for a while now, as recently as three months ago there was a separate website for Fleer named products that Upper Deck released.  Sure it was little more than a carbon copy of the parent company, it still gave you a sense that Fleer was it’s own separate entity in the Upper Deck line.  Now, they are both huddled together under one roof.

Is this a sign of things to come for the Fleer name?  Well, this year so far there’s been a hockey release (Fleer Ultra) and a basketball release (Fleer Hot Prospects) that have already hit the shelves, and there’s another basketball release scheduled for January, so it will at least survive that long.  I don’t know much about the hoops, but I do know that Ultra is one of the more popular hockey releases, so I can’t imagine it going anywhere.  Whether it returns to baseball, though, is another story.

Realistically, though, there hasn’t been a true Fleer set since 2005 when Upper Deck bought the name.  Maybe us bloggers could pool our money and see if it’s for sale.




One response

21 12 2008

I enjoyed collecting Fleer cards, but I don’t see any point to keeping the name alive just for tradition’s sake. It’s time to move on (and hopefully stop producing crappy cards.)

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