75 Topps Minis cases to be put up for auction

23 12 2008

I know this is too late for xmas, but I do have a birthday that falls shortly after this for folks in need of ideas:

…[I]n May 2009, …26 unopened cases of 1975 Topps Minis go up for sale through Robert Edwards Auctions in Watchung, N.J. The boxes come from the estate of lifelong collector Charlie Conlon, who first found the unusually small cards at a store. In fact, Topps was testing the smaller format around where Mr. Conlon lived in Michigan. Upon discovering this limited run, Mr. Conlon hit the stores and warehouses in his area and bought up what is believed to be hundreds of cases. (Mr. Conlon, who died in August, never revealed the exact number.) Inside each case are 16 boxes of cards. Inside each box are 36 packages that contain 10 cards each. In short, 149,760 cards are up for grabs.

The cases are expected to sell for at least $2500 each.

Now maybe if I hold onto that unopened 1988 Topps box a little bit longer…




10 responses

23 12 2008

I’d be happy to split a case with someone(s)!

23 12 2008
night owl

That’s too rich for me, but boy would I like those!

23 12 2008

Hmmm… 16 boxes for $2500… That’s $156 a box or about… $4.35 a pack? A case is out of the question, but I’d love to bust some packs of that.

23 12 2008
Ryan Cracknell

A group break of this would be awesome – either by the box or half box.

24 12 2008

Seriously, at that price, I would pick up three boxes.

28 12 2008

I think what this means for me is that I will quit working on my set until the market is flooded and prices fall.

1 01 2009

I think their auction estimate is low. At 2500 a case, I would pick up 2-3. I think these are going to go for 8-12k. These go for $1000 a box on the bay.

2 01 2009

Also, doesn’t your birthday actually fall slightly before the auction, or has Mom been lying to me all these years?

13 01 2009

I think you left a zero out at the end of the estimate. Boxes normally run about $1200-$1500 per box from a reputable source(due to resealing). Estimates range from $15,000-$25,000 per 16 box case. They high end estimate is for the cases that are still factory sealed. This is going to be one of the biggest auctions of the year, maybe decade. The 1975 set has a large following and I hope to start a set myself. There are many collectors putting their buying power together to grab a case or more of these.

13 01 2009

First off, I fixed the link. That should help the confusion. The $2500 figure actually came from the article.

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