’99 Problem

3 01 2009

One of my goals for the new year (in an effort to streamline collecting) is to focus on completing some sets ending in the year 9.  It’s a purely arbitrary bar to raise, but I’d rather be spending time and effort on some of the older sets I want rather then something like 2009 Upper Deck X Documentary Heroes or Topps Chrome Heritage Milestones.

For some years, this will mean starting a set from scratch, for others it’s a matter of focusing and knocking out the last few cards and inserts needed to put a set to rest.

I’ll get into more of them as the days go by, but I hit a problem with 1999 baseball.  While I bought up hockey cards like crazy, I think I purchased a whole pack of baseball cards from that year, and even then I’m not sure where those ended up.  If Dee Brown had panned out, I’d probably be upset just thinking about it.

As I leafed through the close to 50 releases from that year to try and pick my poison, I was completely uninspired.  I thought I’d go simple with Topps, but I hate that multiple HR parallel stuff.  Upper Deck’s design did nothing for me for the hockey set, so I’m not sure I want to force it on myself again.  Pacific?  No thanks.

So to you I ask:  Was there a baseball set released in 1999 that was a) worthwhile and b) won’t break the bank to complete?  Or would I be better served focusing any effort that I’d put into a 1999 release on, say, 1979 Topps or 1949 Leaf?

I know the answer to the last one, but I’m still looking for suggestions anyway.

So if you had pick a set from 1999 to chase (if any), what would it be and why?



7 responses

3 01 2009

For a cheap set from 1999, I really like the UD Choice set – it’s one I hope to eventually complete myself. I also like Fleer Ultra (nice photography) and Fleer Tradition. The Topps and Upper Deck base sets didn’t do it for me that year either, though I seem to have bought quite a few as I look through my 1999 binders…

3 01 2009
Chris Harris

’99 wasn’t a great year for Topps or UD — although Topps Gallery and Upper Deck Ovation are pretty decent. Fleer put out some solid products; I recommend Ultra, Fleer Trad, and E-X Century.

3 01 2009

ultra is the set i would recommend. there are some nice shots of dodger stadium on a few cards.

3 01 2009

I agree with Chris Harris on Topps Gallery. Its not a large set so maybe since nothing from 1999 really interests you then maybe a short 300 card or less set would be the way to go. Check out Ken Griffey Jr’s card #6 from this issue, its really sweet. The complete base set is 150 which includes 50 shortprints that were inserted at a ratio of 1:1 packs. You can even pick up most of the shorts for under a buck.

My second choice would be Fleer Ultra.

3 01 2009

There were a few nice sets in 1999. For a nice basic set I’d got for either Upper Deck MVP, Upper Deck Victory, or Fleer Tradition. I also liked 1999 Topps and although I’m not a set collector, that is probably the set I’d try to complete. I didn’t like the 1999 Upper Deck at all. Some small sets which were nice are Upper Deck Black Diamond, E-X Century (all plastic transparent cards, they look terrific), Fleer Brillants. Topps Gallery is also nice.

4 01 2009

I understand the 1989 Topps and Donruss sets are challenging to find.

5 01 2009

’99 Fleer and Ultra are nice. Upper deck isn’t terrible but the foil gets to you after a while. My favorite set from that year is Upper Deck Century Legends. Not sure if you’ll be able to find boxes for cheap though.

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