800 ≠ 800

5 01 2009

Can someone explain to me why my 800 card Upper Deck set will not fit in an 800 count card box?

Man, I wish that Update release hadn’t be cancelled.   I could really use that box.




3 responses

5 01 2009

800 is kind of a guideline. An entire set from the 80’s will fit in one, but the new thicker cards won’t. ’08 Upper Deck is definitely thicker than ’87 Topps which is why you’re having the problem. I’ve seen 1000 count boxes before, but they’re not real easy to find.

6 01 2009

I’ve actually had the same problem with a couple of 1980’s Topps sets (792 cards). They fit so tight that I don’t think I could get them back out without ruining a couple of cards. Glad its not just me.

7 01 2009

I’d recommend putting your Upper Deck set in pages in an album. The pictures are colorful and lively, and I love flipping through the pages and looking at the cards.

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