’99 Solution

7 01 2009

First off, thanks to everyone for the tips. Folks who worked for Fleer must be pleased to see their products so well liked ten years later.

There were four sets from 1999 with multiple votes: Ultra, Fleer Tradition, Topps Gallery, and E-X Century. Topps had one set mentioned (Gallery) while five Upper Deck sets garnered one mention each. So depending if you like quality over quantity, both Topps and Upper Deck lose. Ultra recieved the most mentions of any set (five), and Fleer Brilliants also got a nod.

So what did I choose? While I was looking over those sets to make a decision, something caught my eye, a set featuring these:

200 Austin Kearns RC
369 Adam Dunn RC

One set, two series, two Reds rookie cards. Hard to argue with that one.

1999 Bowman it is.

Am I an idiot for ignoring the sage advice of others? Quite possibly. But when I pull those two cards, the angels will drown out your hateful words and my wounds will be soothed if not healed.




2 responses

8 01 2009

Heh, good choice. that’s back when Bowman was actually good. Boxes are cheap too from what I’ve seen.

8 01 2009

I agree with Dayf. Series 2 in particular would be a blast to open. Awesome rookie class…

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