Oh why, ’09

9 01 2009

Am I the only one that missed this?

Upper Deck celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a huge 2,000 card set, inserted 1 in every other pack!

I knew there would be 20th anniversary cards, but I didn’t know it’d be a 2000 card set. Was the clamor for another cross release Yankee Stadium clone of a set so great that Upper Deck had to make another one? So not only do I have to put up with more Yankee Stadium Legacy cards and Documentary Update cards as inserts in my 2009 hobby boxes, but there’s going to be another massive waste of a set that will take away precious base cards I’ll need?

Upper Deck please, stop making it harder for me to collect your sets. Stop making me not want to buy your product. Good looks will only get you so far, but what’s inside really matters. I want Upper Deck Series 1 baseball, not Upper Deck Series 1 presents Yankee Stadium Legacy, Documentary Update, and our 20th Anniversary set.

To be fair, it looks like Topps isn’t immune to the stupid, either:

There are 62 total inserts per 36 pack box of 2009 Topps 1 Hobby

Now, that 62 number includes ToppsTown cards, and I’ve got fingers crossed that Topps doesn’t consider them 1 of the 10 cards in a hobby pack.  If they do, though, then the math for hobby boxes will look like this:

360 card box – 62 inserts = 298 cards from a 330 card set.

The reason for all of this is obvious: both companies are making it deliberately harder to build a set from just one hobby box in hopes you’ll buy two.

A couple extra ToppsTown notes: this year, the ToppsTown codes will also feature players on them, which will make them feel less like  throwaway cardboard and more like they belong in a baseball pack.  What worries me, though, is that Topps is using this a justification to count these things as actual cards, limiting the output of the hobby box to that 298 number above. Note that 36 of those 62 inserts mentioned above will be ToppsTown cards as they now fall one per pack.




2 responses

10 01 2009

No surprise here. I’ve been irritated at both companies’ use of nonsense fillers, prompting me to buy more product. It doesn’t help that I can’t stand nearly all of the inserts that come out. From last year’s sets, all I collected was Topps’ All-Rookie Team and Historical Campaign Match-ups, and Upper Deck’s USA Baseball. Everything else was garbage.

10 01 2009

I’m thinking that this will be the year that I give up buying new wax completely. I maygo to the card shop in February and buy one pack each of Upper Deck and Topps for nostalgia… but that’s it.

I haven’t tried to build a set from wax in years… it’s just too expensive and it’s getting worse all the time.

I’m curious what the 2000 card set will be, to tell you the truth. If it’s a real 2,000 card set, it might be kind of neat. If it’s another YSL/Documentary “repeat the same photo a bunch of times” thing, why bother?

Oh, Documentary updates? They didn’t have the whole thing done in time to release all at once? I hope that it’s just a one-year experiment that dies a quick death.

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