Drivin’ the 9’s – 1999 Bowman

10 01 2009

Set: 1999 Bowman
# of cards in set: 440
# of cards I own: 0
# of cards needed: 440

So when I initially had this idea, I thought it’d be a great way to finish off sets that have been hanging around unfinished for too long.  So what do I do for the first set?   Pick one I own absolutely no cards of.  Good plan.

1999 Bowman was issued in two 220 card series, the last year this would occur.  Series 1 features rookie cards of Pat Burrell and former Red Austin Kearns.    Series 2 has the Hamilton rookie, as well as rookie cards of Crawford, Holliday, Soriano, and Dunn to name a few.

So how am I going to put this one together?  Well, I just got a good deal on a Series 1 box, so I’ll have to bust that and see what falls out.  Series 2 boxes cost a bit more in light of the bumper crop of rookies, but I’ve got a price in my head that I’m looking for that I haven’t found quite yet.  I’m not opposed to finding a lot of the commons and working my way up from there, either.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  I’m working on an idea that may spice all this up.  I’ll let you know when and if I flesh it out.




One response

10 01 2009

I love this idea, I’m interested in trying something similar myself…but it’s tough to find those last few commons I’ve found (even with 2008 cards, I imagine older issue cards will be even more difficult).

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