2008/09 OPC Update Hockey preview

12 01 2009

I should have known that if I branched out into a new hockey set this year that Upper Deck would go and screw with it on me.  And sure enough, they’ve decided that the 600 card OPC base set needs a 200 card update to compliment it. 

According to the sell sheet, OPC Update comes 5 cards to a pack, but I think that’s a typo.  Presells list 12 cards per pack, which would make a lot more sense.  Here’s why.

Each pack contains 1 of the 79-80 OPC Retro variations (24 total) and 1 of the Marquee Rookie subset (24 total).  Two more cards are going to be one of two new parallels, “Metal” and “Metal X” (42 of the “Metal” and 6 of the “X” variation).  If these were 5 card packs, that would leave only 1 base card per pack.  That’s why 12 cards makes more sense.

No idea on the Metal or Metal X cards.  I’m guessing they’re made of metal, which I don’t think has been done since 1999.  Maybe this is the hip new gimmick that Mario was refering to that will slowly replace the jersey hit.  The “Metal” parallels will cover the entire 800 card release, and not just the update set they are contained in.   

Each box will also contain a Rainbow parallel and a shot at a Retro parallel, a Triple Jersey card (4 per case) and a Signature Auto card (1 per case). 

No matter if there’s 5 or 12 cards, you’re still going to need five boxes and a lot of luck to put the update set together by hand.  12 card packs will give you 855 duplicates if you undertake this quest.

OPC Update is scheduled for an April 15th release, so you can use your tax rebate, if you get one.  Presells are currently in the 65-75 dollar range.




8 responses

14 01 2009

I saw an order form that said 5 cards per pack as well.

22 02 2009

News flash all UD has taken this oppurtunity and scammed collectors again
6 cards per pack 1retro in2 packs 1 marqquis rookie in 2 packs but what can you expect from this company that has taken over the sports card market and will play by ther e rules
might as well stop collecting cause I REFUSE to buy the cards UD puts out
Time to start Baseball

22 02 2009

oh I see now this site is going to be edited or pardon me moderated

22 02 2009

Robb –

Not moderated or edited, really, just filters for spam and comments that are simply laden with profanity, that’s all.

14 03 2009
Dale McCarthy

Has a checklist been released yet?

14 03 2009

Dale –

Here’s a pdf of the latest unoffical checklist.

Upper Deck should have the offical one on their site within a week of the release.

27 06 2009

Udeck has gone too far. Their gold update are much too rare. The metals x series should of all been with the waves. We have a hard time telling between the metals and the metals x.

27 06 2009

Oh yes, i forgot. You would think with the millions upper deck collects, that their website would be informative and precise.
Go see the opc collection on upper deck’s website, the photos are not there, the checklist is incomplete, there are some mistakes in the listings (they say 600 cards when there is 800 cards…and so on…

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