The 2009 lineup, so far…

14 01 2009

Releases already announced are in regular font.  In bold, in order of probability, are releases that will probably return for ’09.

Upper Deck – Series 1 and 2, Spectrum, First Edition, A Piece of History, SPx, Sp Legendary Cuts, X, Sp Authentic, Goudey, Black, Exquisite

Topps – Series 1 and 2, Heritage, Opening Day, Updates and Highlights, Chrome, Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Allen and Ginter, Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects, Finest, Triple Threads, Sterling, Bowman Sterling

Anything I’m missing?  I’m less certain about the return of the high end products as the economy sinks, but it’s also a bad time to roll out new products.  So what happens?  Is there going to be much more than this released in 2009?




4 responses

14 01 2009

upper deck 1/2, topss 1/2/uh, heritage, maybe goudey, maybe a & g – i like the fact that its not such a strong lineup so far next year because i might be able to finish all those sets in 1 year and fill in my old collection as well

14 01 2009

My goal for ’09 is base Topps (1, 2, UH) and maybe Allen & Ginter. I doubt I’ll buy much more than a few packs of UD (maybe more Goudey) and probably none of the high end stuff.

15 01 2009

I’m not sure how Goudey could come back – what past design would they use? I think (and hope) that Upper Deck will do some other kind of retro set rather than beat a dead horse with Goudey. Not sure why Black or Exquisite would come back either. They were out of the lineup in 2008, and with the economy in bad shape, I’m not sure how much demand there is for them…

15 01 2009

Dave –

Good point on Goudey. Maybe they’ll do a Champs like ripoff or something else. I put Black on there because it saw a hockey release, and figured if Upper Deck went with high ends, they’d want something that was already known.

I forgot exquitise didn’t come out in 2008. Perhaps they’ll do Ultimate Collection again instead.

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