Saving the day

15 01 2009

So Tuesday night at work a crown slipped.  Luckily I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday for a cleaning, so I wasn’t to worried about it.  The problem was, I had a cavity under the crown.  After a little examination, the dentist told me there was no saving it, which meant a bridge.   Step one, root extraction.

Now, you’re pretty numb for the process, but that only happens after an injection into your pallet.  That’s probably the worst part.  And even though you are numb through the procedure, you still feel pressure.  Oh boy, do you feel pressure.  And when the root breaks, it sounds like a plastic fork giving way on an over tough steak, and it’s anything but reassuring.

When I go through dental work, I like to close my eyes so I don’t see much.  But there was a moment of eye opening when the assistant was suctioning and I saw the red in the tube.  I suggested afterward that they use a darker color tubing to mask that sort of thing.  They laughed.

I wasn’t feeling to well for most of the night, but I had gotten a box from my brother the day before that I hadn’t really looked through.  I still haven’t gone through the whole thing, but I did see a card that made me pretty happy.


Why would a 1990-91 Topps Steve Larmer card help ease the pain of an unplanned root extraction?  Go look at my hockey wantlist and tell me what’s missing.  That’s right, 1990-91 Topps.  Larmer is the last card I needed to put this set to sleep.

Larmer’s not a bad player, either.  Over 1000 points in his 17 year career, he won the Calder trophy his rookie year and another piece of hardware in his 1993-94 season with the New York Rangers.  Which one?  Go ask a Devils or Canucks fan.  They’ll be happy to tell you.

There’s plenty more in the box, and I will blog it as fancy strikes.  But unless it wipes out another set, it may be all down hill from here.




One response

16 01 2009

Dude, that totally sucks about your tooth. Glad you could still use the Larmer card, though. What other wonders await? You’ll have to find out….

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