2008 Stadium Club, the negatives

19 01 2009

I’m not sure why Topps tried to make a premium product out of a set that looks a lot like Upper Deck base, but I’ve never understood a lot of things that Topps does.  That includes the whole rookies-who-played-on-Thursdays-get-an-odd-numbered-card-unless-they-played-on-Friday-too-in-which-case-it’s-a-short-print -wraparound-variation numbering scheme that goes with 2008 Stadium Club.  Were I collecting this set, I’d try and figure it out.  But I’m not.  So I won’t.

I was going to do a blaster break, but these have been around forever already and all the base cards I got look like they’ve been kissed with a curling iron.  Yep, there’s a small printer’s crease, akin to the die-cuts in Upper Deck Timelines, 31 of the 40 cards I pulled.  Nothing’s more of a turn off then damaged cards fresh from the pack.

Instead, I’ve just got a couple comments on the cards themselves.  There will be a “Cards I like post,” too.  It’s not all negative.  But first, let’s look at Hanley Ramirez:


I appriciate Topps trying to get more shots of baseball in action.  I really do.  But I don’t like the fact that the subject featured on the card is regalated to the background.  Sure, he’s in focus, but there’s a number of cards that give up the player for the scene.  Is this particular card enhanced by Zach Greinke running the bases?  No.  Why not zoom in on Hanley and give us a full card of just him?

Here’s two cards with a different problem but with a similar solution:


Now here, Cueto and Reyes are the focus of the card, and that’s good. But there sure is a lot of “dead space,” too, especially with that Cueto card.  Why not tighten the shot, turn the card vertical, and let us have a nice close up of Cueto glaring at the baserunner?  Why not a vertical shot of Reyes touching home?

I don’t want to go to crazy with this.  I actually like the photos, it’s just their choices as baseball cards that I question, if that makes sense.

I’ll have some stuff I like later tonight.




3 responses

19 01 2009
night owl

I AM collecting the set and I’m not bothering to figure out the variations. I’ve decided simply to collect 1-150, and that will be all.

19 01 2009

The Ramirez card isn’t that bad.

There’s too much red in the background of the Cueto card and (at least in the scan) his face is so much in the shadow that it looks like a headless body and a floating Reds cap. You’re right, a vertical close up would suit this photo better.

I really like the Jose Reyes card, but the banner kinda gets in the way. If they cut the banner in half and positioned it on the right side of the card it would look better… at least on that card.

19 01 2009

I think the reason they don’t want zoomed in photos is because these cards are meant to be something you would take if you were at the stadium. To make you feel like you’re in the action. Give you full perspective. If you want close up shots, then buy Topps Series 1, 2 or U&H. And I would take the SC photos over Topps regular issues any day. And I probably prefer them over Upper Deck’s regular issue as well.

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