2008 Topps Stadium Club, more positives

19 01 2009

Counting down my five favorite cards from the Stadium Club blaster I opened, here’s the top two.



Either Ortiz is thanking Jobu for helping him hit that slider, or he’s afraid of birds nesting above his head.  It’s a great looking card for a number of reasons – color contrast, the moment captured, the look on Ortiz’s face – all almost perfect.


Yeah, that’s right, here’s my favorite.  Another almost perfect moment captured on cardboard, or whatever paper type Topps used for these.  Look at him glare at the pitcher as if he were made of tofu.  The stance.  The blue.  The helmet.

Yeah, the helmet.  It really draws me in.  I’m not sure you can tell on the scan, but on the card, you can actually see clouds reflected in his helmet.  It’s like someone told Prince he was about to photographed for this card, so he got out the wax and a rag and went to town.  Polished that thing down to nothing just for that shine.

So there you go, my five favs from the blaster.  It was an alright box, I suppose,  were it not for the damages.  I’m a little disappointed I didn’t pull any of the legends, though.  I was under the impression there would be at least one in a box.  Apparently not.

For those of you in need, I’ll check your lists and let you know once I get my replacements back from Topps.




One response

26 01 2009

I don’t know if Topps embellished these photographs or not, but you’re right, the imagery and coloring is just so striking. The Fielder and Longoria cards are just BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for sharing, as I have yet to buy any packs of these.

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