2008 Topps Stadium Club: The positives

19 01 2009

A few weeks ago, Dinged Corners issued a challenge for the best Stadium Club cards from 2008.  Since I had nothing to go on but cards I’d seen on the internets, I demurred.  Now that I’m holding some of these in my hands, I can pick out a few that I think should have been nominated, but weren’t.



Why no love for Mad Dog? Most of the nominees over there are actions shots, and I’m a sucker for the candid personal, I guess. Does this really look like a guy who won over 300 games, or does it look more like your friend’s dad warming up for softball? I think the later, and that’s why it’s one of my favs.



Here’s a guy who is the exact opposite of Maddux, both on his card and in his career. He looks determined. He looks focused.  He looks like he’s about to catch his pitching hand in his necklace and choke himself.

Voltron’s probably about to strike whoever’s facing him out. Or he’s going to be taken deep. But you can’t fault him for the effort shown here.



It looks like Evan’s about to step out of the frame and beat me with that bat for placing him at #3.  I think this card speaks for itself.  I’m just surprised Dave at Fielder’s Choice didn’t throw this guy’s hat in the ring.

#2 and #1 still to come…




One response

20 01 2009

Great observation about the gold chain. That jewelry has not been good for baseball.

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