A discussion question: 2009

20 01 2009

Upper Deck has annouced their 8th release already for ’09 the other day when word came out the Goudey would return.  Topps, meanwhile, still has only 3 releases on their schedule.

Is Upper Deck front loading because they think the economy will get worse and they are trying to beat Topps to the marketplace, or is Topps standing by and hoping things get better?  Or is it another thing entirely?  The optimist in me wants to believe Topps is taking it’s time to develop new and exciting product or two.  That’s a small part of me, though.

Anyone else have ideas as to why this is?




3 responses

20 01 2009

UD probably just has their Sh-t together more and can actually get a schedule out.

Do you ever think that Topps is just sort of making it up as they go along??

20 01 2009

It does look like Upper Deck is rushing some products. SPX Legendary Cuts and A Piece of History were all released between 5/20 to 7/02 last year. X didn’t come out ’till September.

Each of Topps’ releases are coming out almost the same day they did last year. they kiboshed Moments and Milestones, so that’s not on the schedule any more. My guess is they announce Finest and Bowman soon. Maybe Co-Signers if that product still exists.

Here’s the release schedule from last year.

21 01 2009

I’ve been looking for a release calender from last year for a while. Thanks for the link.

Still doesn’t answer why Upper Deck seems to be rushing stuff, though..

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